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Watermelon cosmetics – get to know the beauty benefits of the tasty fruit!

foto: Unsplash

Vitamins A and C, fruit acid, as well as 90% water – it is not a well-known fact that watermelon has a beneficial effect on beauty. Cosmetics manufacturers know this – in recent weeks several novelties have appeared on the market, which will improve the condition of our skin.

Cooling and ultra-hydrating gel from Eveline Cosmetics – will improve the level of skin hydration, as well as reduce dryness. Additionally, the hydrogel formula acts as a compress that moisturizes and soothes. What’s more – the product is vegan-friendly!

Self-tanning lotion and mousse from St.Tropez – it turns out that tanning cosmetics can not only gradually darken the skin so that it looks like it’s been tanned by the sun, but also smell beautifully – of juicy watermelon!

Fresh Juice micellar lotion from Bielenda – contains bioactive citrus water and moisturizing watermelon juice. The product complements the cleansing micelles. It removes make-up, cleanses and refreshes the skin.

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