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Here are 5 makeup trends that are already passé!

A new year usually also heralds new trends in fashion and makeup. The past few months have changed our approach to beauty

Here are 5 make-up trends that we are not likely to see on the streets this season. We also give you some tips on how to find your way through these changes and what’s trendy

What to avoid in make-up this season?

Certainly, the next season will focus on face care. Wearing masks causes a lot of bad blemishes, so cleansing and toning the skin will become a definite number one.

Make-up will also change. We will emphasize natural beauty more, accentuate the eyes. The minimalistic make-up style of the 1990s is still dominant. What should we avoid?

  1. Strongly defined eyebrows – give way to natural emphasis.
  2. Colored lipsticks – do not work well under a mask.
  3. Face contouring – opt for a subtle blush on the cheeks!
  4. Lip glosses – the focus this season is on the eyes.
  5. Intense makeup – replace with a natural look!

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