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These bra models optically enlarge your bust!

foto: H&M

Properly chosen and comfortable bra is the basis. Many models, apart from supporting the bust, can also expose it nicely. If a larger cup will give you confidence and make you feel more feminine, you can use bras that optically enlarge your bust.

4 bras that will enlarge your bust

Half-cup bra

The cups in this model are located quite low, so they cover half of the breasts. The big advantage is that the bra lifts the breasts, making them appear fuller and bigger. It is perfect for dresses with deep necklines, as it stays fantastically close to the body

Maxi push-up bra

The bust becomes much bigger thanks to the push-up effect. With push-up bras, you can enlarge your bust by up to 2 sizes. There are also models with removable inserts

Push-up sports bras

Not only at the evening party you can feel feminine and sexy. Thanks to sports bras with inserts you can have beautiful, lifted breasts also at the gym or during jogging. Usually, sports bras flatten the breasts, so this is a great alternative for people who want to feel feminine during physical activity

Plunge bra

This is the perfect bra under a dress or blouse with a deep neckline. Thanks to the lowered underwire, the breasts are more tightly compressed and slightly lifted. Many models are seamless, so they do not show under the thin material of our creation

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