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XXL collars – a microtrend that is not going away

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 17: Gabriella Berdugo wears black and yellow cat eye sunglasses from Prada, a white dress with maxi Peter Pan ruffle collar from Nué Notes, a pink crocodile print leather long trench coat, on March 17, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Large collars may be associated with fashion of the past decades, but for many months they have been delighting again. Seemingly polite, they add chic and character to many outfits!

Shirts and blouses with maxi collars are a trend that originated on the catwalks of international fashion houses like Chanel. It is particularly popular with the Danish label Ganni. The popularity of the striking accessory was also influenced by influencers, proudly presenting it on Instagram. Thus, the new trend quickly appeared in well-known chain stores such as Zara or H&M.

XXL collars can usually be found in the classic version – with a white blouse. They are sometimes additionally trimmed with decorative lace, embroidery or frill. However, this accessory offers many more possibilities, starting with its shape, which may be round or pointed, through the choice of material, for example denim, and ending with an unconventional color.

The same will be with styling. This detail is perfect for an elegant look, but it will also work well in a casual version – paired with jeans, or even a sweater or an oversize jacket. You can wear it in many different ways.

XXL collar, although it refers to the vintage style, is currently one of the most fashionable trends. There is no indication that this will change in the near future.

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