Chiara Ferragni’s fashion empire. The most important moments in her career

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This influencer knows every lover of fashion trends. Her profile on Instagram is followed by more than 20 million people! Chiara Ferragni is a woman-phenomenon. Do you know how she reached the top?

Chiara Ferragni – the beginning

Chiara Ferragni was born on May 7, 1987 in Cremona, Italy. Her parents are Lombard dentist Marco Ferragni, her mother – Marina Di Guardo – is a writer with Sicilian roots. The Italian also has two sisters. Chiara was a student at the Classical High School, she also studied law, but decided to stop her studies to devote herself to her blog.

The Blonde Salad

And it was with the blog The Blonde Salad that Chiara’s great career began. At first, it was simply supposed to be a diary in which the girl showed her outfits and talked about her everyday life. She herself did not expect how much the decision to start a blog would change her life! The Blonde Salad began to inspire, first Italian women, then women around the world. Millions of views do not lie – girls wanted to dress like Chiara. Nothing could stop it anymore.

The woman that the best want to work with

The natural consequence of the popularity of the blog and Chiara herself was everything that happened afterwards. In 2010. The Italian created her first signature shoe line, while in 2013 she released an e-book. That same year, she also collaborated with fashion giants like Guess and Steve Madden.

Ferragni also began to appear more and more on television as a presenter or a judge. Add to that the fact that Forbes has named her the world’s most influential influencer, and we know that we are dealing with a true queen of Instagram! In addition to her success in the industry, Chiara Ferragni’s followers are also interested in her private life, including her relationship with rapper Fedez, with whom she has had two children so far

Chiara Ferragni – Instagram

As of today, Chiara’s Instagram has over 24.5 million followers. The influencer delights on her feed with a variety of styling and posed professional photos, but there is also no shortage of snapshots from her private life. It is known that this is what turns followers on the most and she knows how to use it! If you want to know more about her, you should follow her on Instagram

Chiara Ferragni’s style

Did you know that Chiara Ferragni’s styling is one of the most copied in the world? Her blogging and Instagram empire has a huge impact. What distinguishes her style?

The first thing that may draw your attention when you look at the Italian woman’s Instagram is the pastel colors. Chiara is not afraid of a diverse color scheme, preferably betting precisely on delicate feminine colors. She also does not shy away from extravagant patterns, which are definitely impressive! An ordinary everyday styling is often a real work of art in her designs.

Subtle, feminine, and at the same time eye-catching – this is Chiara Ferragni. No one but her can combine casualness and elegance in such a way that you cannot take your eyes off her!

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