Are you making these hair mistakes too?

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Every one of us dreams of having beautiful, shiny and healthy hair. Sometimes, we unknowingly make care mistakes, which take us further away from this ideal Let us find out!

Hairstyles with Too Much Tightness

Many fans of ponytails, buns and braids do not know that tightly pinned up hairstyles have negative effects on the health of hair strands. This puts undue stress on the hair strands and may damage the hair structure and hair roots. For the sake of your hair health it is therefore advisable to forgo tight updos in favour of looser styles

Applying Conditioner to the Scalp

The next hair care sin is applying conditioner directly to the scalp. Why shouldn’t you do that? The ingredients in the conditioner may irritate the delicate scalp and aggravate seborrhea or cause redness and itching

Washing Your Hair with Hot Water

Although a hot shower is a very pleasant ritual, it does not have a positive effect on our beauty. Too much hot water prevents the hair cuticles from closing, which increases the risk of hair breakage (hair strands become dull, dry and brittle). A better solution is to wash your hair with lukewarm water (at room temperature). This will leave your strands healthier, smoother and easier to comb.

The Wrong Shampoo

Incorrectly chosen shampoos with unfavorable ingredients (SLS, SLES, parabens, artificial dyes, fragrances) may cause itchy scalp, excessive hair greasiness and numerous irritations. It is not uncommon for the wrong shampoo to contribute to the development of dandruff.

It is best to bet on hair cosmetics with the most natural ingredients and rich in plant extracts. Many women make the other mistake of using too much shampoo. A walnut-sized dose is enough to cleanse your hair properly. Remember not to apply shampoo on your head right away – you should first dilute it with water.

Frequent Heat Styling

Frequent use of a curling iron, flat iron, crimper or blow dryer (with hot air) also has a negative effect on the condition of your hair. These types of appliances should not be used every day as they are very damaging due to the high temperatures. Let your hair dry naturally and if you can’t imagine life without a hair dryer, choose a model with a cold airflow. Always apply heat protectant products before using a flat iron, curling iron or crimper

Excess Styling Products

Excessive styling cosmetics are also bad for your hair. Hair mousse, hair spray, hair gel or hair gum applied to your hair strands too often and in too great a quantity weighs down your hair and leaves it looking dull instead of beautiful

We hope this article will make you more aware of how to look after your hair

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