Body – alternative to bra? How to wear it?

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Body is back in style again. It can be even the main character of many stylings and you don’t have to wear it under your clothes at all!

Body was designed to serve the function of underwear. It was created by a French artist Joules Leotard in 19th century. First it was worn by prima ballerinas, later by Playboy models, and with time it became a hit of everyday fashion thanks to such series as “Beverly Hills 90210” or “Dirty Dancing”. In recent seasons, it is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable items of clothing

How to wear a bodysuit?

The bodysuit is very comfortable and we can completely abandon the bra if it suits us. Nothing moves, and some models even have a thick layer of material in the breast area. So the bodysuit can be an alternative to a traditional bra, as well as panties

However, this item of clothing is multifunctional. It can also play the role of a workout outfit or pajamas. Most often, however, it is worn as a blouse. It is very sexy, emphasizes the silhouette and looks great when combined with your favorite tube pants or pleated skirt. On the market you will also find a modeling bodysuit, which is intended for ladies who have a protruding tummy or bellies. It may be strapped, long-sleeved or short. It is most often made of cotton, but can be sewn from other materials as well. This variety of designs and cuts means that everyone can find the perfect bodysuit for themselves.

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