Dry, brittle, frizzy and difficult to style? If that’s what your hair is like, we have a solution!

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Hair in winter is exposed to harsh weather elements like rain, snow and frost. Without proper care and styling your hair may become frizzy, brittle and unmanageable. How do you get your hair back after the winter?

1. The scalp: do you take good care of it?

It is a misconception that shampoo alone is enough to cleanse the scalp. What’s more, using products with strong detergents like SLS too often can also over-dry the scalp and lead to itching and dandruff. In addition, they can also dry out your hair. Therefore, swap a strong shampoo for a milder one. Use a milder shampoo every day and a stronger one once in a while. What’s more, you should definitely include scalp scrubs and oils like mustard oil in your hair care routine. Why?

Scrubbing thoroughly cleanses the scalp, removes dead skin, improves circulation and oxygenates the hair roots. Adding oil, on the other hand, will nourish and regenerate the roots, allowing your hair to grow healthier, stronger and full of natural shine.

2. Do you walk around with a turban on your head for a long time after washing your hair?

Do you wash your hair and then sit in a turban for an hour? Or do you rub your hair with a towel to dry it well? These are common mistakes. The former causes your scalp to suffocate, sweat, and creates an environment friendly to bacterial growth. Rubbing your hair with a towel, on the other hand, damages it. These, especially wet ones, are susceptible to mechanical damage. The result? Frizz, breakage and static electricity. Therefore, replace the towel with a soft cotton T-shirt, and only drain excess water after washing your hair.

3. OMO method – helpful in the fight for beautiful and well-groomed hair!

Condition, wash, condition, or OMO is a method gaining in popularity. Every hair lover recommends this method. You will notice the first effects quickly! How do you put it into practice?

Moisten your hair with water, gently tap off any excess water, then apply a conditioner to the entire length of your hair and work it into the hair structure. The next step is to wash your scalp with a mild shampoo. After doing this, wash everything off with water. The last step is to apply another conditioner and keep it on your hair for about 15 minutes. After this time, you rinse the product out of your hair and drain the excess water with a cotton T-shirt. Done!

4. PEH Balance

Proteins, Emollients and Humectants, or PEH for short. The idea is to keep these ingredients in balance in your daily hair care, because this will keep your hair moisturized, regenerated and looking phenomenal. But remember, you can’t have too much of any one ingredient! How do you know what your PEH balance is? Every hair is different and trial and error is the best method. When washing with the OMO method, do different combinations and use once PE, EH or PH.

Below you will find a video that will explain in more detail what PEH balance is and how to apply it in practice:

5. Secure the tips!

Don’t forget about your ends. These should be protected after every wash with the help of oils or liquid silk. This will prevent them from splitting and breaking.

Main photo: Pixabay/ pexels.com

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