After canola, sunflowers and poppies, it’s time for wisteria! This plant is making waves on Instagram

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Wisteria or wisteria is a long-lived shrub that can reach an impressive size and impresses with vines of beautiful flowers in shades of purple and pink. Previously, this plant reigned only in our gardens, but for some time now it has become a veritable star on Instagram


Under this hashtag there are already more than 77 thousand posts, and new photos arrive every several minutes. It is now certain that the summer of 2021 belongs to wisteria. The poppy, rapeseed and sunflower fields have gone

If you want to add a trendy photo on Instagram, you need to take a trip in search of beautifully fragrant purple wisteria vines

Why the fashion for wisteria?

Apart from the fact that the plant looks beautiful in photos and you can create different moods of photography with it, its flowers are in one of the trendiest colors of the season! Bright purple reigns over summer clothes, shoes and accessories. #wisteriahysteria is an international hashtag that users from England, for example, enjoy using

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