Sheet masks – what is the Asian skincare phenomenon?

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Mask in a sheet is a real hit. Thanks to them the complexion gets a beautiful look and glow. So it is worth to take advantage of the benefits that they offer.

Face masks have been known and loved for a long time. However, recently face masks in sheets are becoming more and more popular. Are they actually better than the regular ones we’ve been using for years?

Korean skincare loved around the world

Asians are known for their beautiful, flawless and smooth complexion. So it’s no wonder that women all over the world like to follow and imitate their beauty tricks. Probably every woman dreams of having the skin like from the cover of a newspaper. Mask in a sheet, interchangeably called a sheet mask, is a favorite beauty treatment of Korean women (although first appeared in Japan). They were used by geishas, who after sewing their kimonos did not throw away the remaining pieces of silk, but soaked them in rose water and applied them to their faces. This method was supposed to improve the condition of their complexion. It is worth mentioning that geisha’s faces were heavily burdened – numerous dyes were applied to them, which once contained a lot of toxic elements. With time, more beneficial dyes were created, but even they applied in a thick layer were not conducive to a beautiful complexion. Therefore, people were looking for the most effective ways to have a beautiful and smooth complexion

Why the popularity of sheet masks?

Today’s improved face masks are thanks to Koreans. They are the ones who came up with the best and most effective formulas to enjoy beautiful and smooth skin. In this country, not only women use numerous facial treatments, but also men attach great importance to them. It is even said that face masks can even be found in the kits of military recruits.

Nowadays, sheet masks are available in every drugstore and cosmetics store. Today, they can even be considered as one of the most popular cosmetics from Asia, which permanently inhabited the European cosmetics. Interestingly, according to some reports and studies, the worldwide popularity of this cosmetic treatment increased in 2015. And this is due to the fashionable hashtag “sheet mask selfie” – the idea was to show on your Instagram photo just wearing masks. This is what world-famous stars and celebrities did, e.g. Khloe Kardashian, Bella Hadid or Lady Gaga.

What is a sheet mask and how does it work?

The characteristic of a mask in a sheet is that the cosmetic is somehow “superimposed” on the sheet, which is made of cotton, cellulose or concentrated gel serum. The best quality masks contain natural, often plant extracts. Original Korean masks also have snail mucus extract, which is known to prevent skin aging, relieve inflammation, firm the skin and reduce wrinkles. The sheet is there to protect the essence that comes in contact with the skin from evaporating, so the nutrients are better absorbed. Ordinary masks often evaporate quickly and are therefore less effective. In the case of the sheet we are also sure that the cosmetic will reach every nook and cranny, because it is very flexible and perfectly adapts to the shape of the face

The advantage of such skin care treatments is also time. Usually 15-20 minutes are enough for enough nutrients to penetrate the skin. As for the cosmetic layer, which is placed in the sheet, it can have different effects – moisturizing, brightening, anti-aging, firming or cleansing. So everyone can choose a product tailored to the individual needs of their skin

The use of such masks is also very convenient, because they are easy to remove, do not dirty the skin so much, and do not leave streaks. After removing some of them you can immediately put on make-up.

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