Dolphin skin – celebrity makeup straight from Instagram

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Beautiful makeup as in the stars of Instagram? Probably every girl dreams about it! Meet Dolphin skin and find out what it is and how to apply it!

Dolphin skin is a hit among make-up, which is loved by women all over the world. What is this make-up all about? As the name suggests, it’s supposed to resemble dolphin skin. The idea is to make it flawlessly smooth, soft and glowing. There is no artificial mask, which is no longer fashionable

Dolphin skin step by step

Dolphin skin make-up involves the proper application of multiple layers of highlighter. First you need to make sure that your complexion is well moisturized, then you can use a base, a light foundation and a concealer (this one can be a camouflage one to cover all imperfections). Then apply highlighting particles. Finally, it is time for the main product, i.e. highlighter. Use it on your cheekbones, chin, temples, Cupid’s bow (the area just above your lip) and the tip of your nose. Apply the highlighter in layers, preferably wet. When you are done, set it with powder and at the end reach for the highlighter again, this time dry. Remember to blur the borders gently to diffuse it slightly.

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