How to prepare the skin for makeup? Korean methods vs. Japanese school

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For years, the world has been raving about Asian-inspired skin care. Both Korean and Japanese ways for a beautiful and well-groomed complexion are widely used by women from different parts of the world.

It is best to try both techniques to choose whether you are closer to K-Beauty or J-Beauty principles. In the following article you will learn the basics of care in both strands and how to apply them in your daily routine

Korean and Japanese skin care concepts are extremely popular due to their visible results and natural ingredients. However, when buying Asian cosmetics, it is important to remember that not all of them meet European standards, so it is advisable to familiarize yourself with their composition. How do you prepare your skin for make-up so that it is smooth and nourished? Learn the secrets of Korean and Japanese women who look young and stunning

What is Korean beauty care?

The Korean beauty ritual consists of 10 steps that quickly produce visible results if used regularly. This method places great emphasis on facial cleansing. In evening care, it should be performed in two steps. First, cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser and then wash your face with a gel or foam cleanser. This unclogs the pores, cleanses the skin deeply and allows it to breathe while you rest at night. In the morning, wash your face with a micellar lotion, which makes your skin ready for makeup application. Inspired by the Korean way of beauty care, do not forget to thoroughly cleanse your face with a scrub. This procedure should be performed at least once a week. After cleansing, it is necessary to gently pat a tonic into the face. The purpose of this product is to restore the skin’s natural, slightly acidic pH

Multi-step facial moisturizing

The essence of Korean skin care is to use a combination of toner and serum on the face. Such a mixture should be applied on previously toned face. The next step, the sixth, is the application of serum, which is the main point of skin care. Its natural properties and richness in active ingredients make it slow down the skin aging process, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and effectively treat skin problems. Facial serums have a lighter formula than commonly used creams, so they are better absorbed and thus produce better results. Sheet masks are also an important aspect of care, which enhance the effect of moisturizing and refreshing the facial skin. It is best to use them on a previously toned face. The next step, in which we especially care for the eye area, is the application of cream. By using the right eye cream, the skin stays supple and moisturized longer. Eye cream should be specially selected for this delicate and sensitive part of the face. The end of the beauty ritual according to the Korean method is the application of a moisturizing cream over the entire facial area and the application of a mask at night

Japanese skin care

In some ways, the Japanese way to a well-groomed complexion resembles the Korean beauty ritual, but there are subtle differences between them. The Japanese method certainly does not need as many cosmetics, preparations and products, but more emphasis is placed on more frequent exfoliation of the skin. Japanese ways of skin care are becoming more popular every year and products from the Land of the Cherry Blossom are a serious competition for those from Seoul. Japanese women take care of their skin in four steps, which are not as absorbing as in the Korean method. They don’t skip the two-phase skin cleansing step, they also wash their face first with oil and then enjoy the benefits of rice bran powder. Rice powder has a broad effect, because in addition to exfoliating the epidermis, it also moisturizes the face. The final stage of Japanese skin care is to apply toner and serum to the face

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