How to take care of your skin the day after the party?

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Skin the day after a party – dehydrated, with redness, irritation. Needless to say, your complexion doesn’t look its best after alcohol. How to get it right? Check it out!

Your skin does not like parties!

We understand that you like to party and sometimes it’s hard to say no when there’s a delicious drink or even several on the horizon. However, we know who definitely doesn’t like parties – your skin! It doesn’t like a party when it’s drunk, and that’s perfectly clear from the way it looks the next morning. Do you wake up after a party and stare at yourself in the mirror in pain? Your complexion is dehydrated and generally unattractive? Check out our tips on what to do about it.


No doubt your skin needs regeneration after a party. As it turns out, it’s a good idea to think about this beforehand, while you’re already having fun, instead of worrying about how you’re going to look the next day. There are a few rules to follow

First and foremost, reach for water while you’re having fun. Some people have a rule that each glass of alcohol should be accompanied by a specific amount of water, and we agree. Watch yourself and your skin may be in better condition the next day. Hydrating while you party – it works!

Make-up removal is essential

Unfortunately, under the influence of alcohol or fatigue or both, after a party we often forget to carefully remove our makeup. This is a mistake that will make your skin look bad. So it is worth taking care of this care procedure and properly remove makeup after returning home

You can prepare cotton pads and makeup remover before you leave the house so you have them handy when you get home. Sleeping in makeup is a real crime against our skin – at any age. It’s not even good for teenagers! A layer of cosmetics that weighs down your skin cannot go unwashed.

Get your circulation going in the morning

After getting out of bed in the morning, it is worth taking care of the circulation – you can perform a massage yourself, for example with the use of aloe vera gel. A jade roll pre-cooled in the fridge will also work great. Also remember to hydrate – a bottle of water is the first thing you should reach for when you wake up the day after the party.

Bags under the eyes – get rid of them!

A big problem the day after the party is bags under the eyes. How to get rid of them? Some people recommend applying chamomile tea bags or ice cubes to the area. Luckily, drugstores also sell cooling hydrogel sheets and it’s definitely worth considering this solution.

A hydrating mask is a good idea

The morning after a party is all about hydration and you’ve already taken care of that by drinking plenty of water. How about a hydrating mask? That way you can have a relaxing morning and take care of your skin at the same time. Finally, a moisturizer! In fact, hydration and moisturization are the most important and should be the cornerstone of your after-party care. Keep this in mind, and next time – prevent it!

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