How to take care of your lips in the autumn and winter time?

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The skin of the lips is very sensitive and delicate. It is not equipped with a protective lipid layer, so it is easily irritated. Lips are also very susceptible to changing weather conditions, especially to strong wind, low temperatures and dry air. The autumn-winter period is a time when we should take special care to protect our lips.

How to protect lips from drying, cracking and loss of their natural red color? In the autumn months, it is necessary to ask for their proper care. Lip treatments are not complicated or expensive, and with regular use, they bring measurable benefits. The key to having beautiful lips is to moisturize them regularly

Moisturize and lubricate your lips

Lipsticks and lip balms

Dry and chapped lips are the biggest obstacle to looking beautiful. During the heating season, both at home and at work, we spend time in rooms where the air is very dry. It is always worth having a moisturizing lipstick or balm with you. Regular use of such products will help moisturize and regenerate your lips. It is worth reaching for balms that have hyaluronic acid and coffee, tea and fruit extracts in their composition. Natural ingredients have a very good effect on the skin of the lips – thanks to them it is more flexible and has a greater ability to regenerate

Home lip treatments

During the long autumn evenings you can easily find a moment to prepare a fantastic lip mask. To prepare it you just need a bit of natural honey, which should be rubbed into chapped lipsand left for several minutes. A great moisturizing lip mask can be made with fresh avocado, which is rich in fatty acids. Dry lips can be soothed by applying a thick layer of moisturizing cream on them

Do not forget about regular skin cleansing and ex foliation during the autumn. Treatments to remove dead skin should be performed several times a week. This will make your lips soft, and moisturizing cosmetics will be better absorbed. You can make your own homemade lip scrub, using cane sugar and coconut oil or olive oil. Use a soft toothbrush to massage the chosen lubricant into the skin of your lips

Lip oiling

In cold, windy and rainy weather, a protective lipstick alone is not enough to keep the skin on your lips safe. When you’re outside, it’s a good idea to lubricate your lips and the skin around them with products containing glycerin. Its action makes the lips not only moisturized but also provides protection against external factors. The use of lubricating cosmetics is particularly important if we spend a long time outdoors. Therefore, it is an essential cosmetic during long walks and winter sports

Autumn and winter lip make-up

The autumn and winter weather should not be a reason not to wear lip make-up, but it is worth taking care of their condition, so that the lipstick looks nice on them. What are the best lip make-up products for autumn days? In difficult weather conditions, the lipsticks we use in the autumn should be well pigmented and long lasting. An additional advantage that you should pay attention to when choosing lipsticks and glosses for autumn is the presence of oils in their composition. Thanks to this the lips are immediately moisturized and the product spreads on them evenly and lasts longer. The availability of lipsticks with a great composition means that we do not have to be afraid of additional drying of the lips by these products. An interesting trick is to give up the lip liner and apply lipsticks with a finger. Thanks to this lip makeup will look very natural

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