The power is in nature, or about the advantages of natural cosmetics

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Natural cosmetics have been known to us for centuries. Mother Nature is very generous in this regard. She offers a number of plants, shrubs or spices, from which such preparations can be created.

Recently, an increase in sales of cosmetics made from natural ingredients can be observed. The most preferred are those that come from nature, and in addition were not tested on animals. Most men and women who care about beauty and health, but also about our environment, choose them. So let’s bring a little closer the phenomenon of natural cosmetics and talk about their numerous advantages.

Natural cosmetics – a closer look at the definition

Preparations that are defined as natural, are not tested on animals, and in their composition should be dominated by plants. However, the organizations that establish the rules of the game and assign certificates to cosmetics, allow certain deviations. This applies primarily to ingredients, a small amount of which may be of synthetic origin. Be very careful when shopping, because many companies label their products as organic or “Bio”, when in fact they have nothing to do with it. When you look at the label, look for labels and certifications that suggest that this cream or serum is actually natural and check the composition of the cosmetic

Advantages of cosmetics of natural origin

  • The title heroes of our article are, above all, safety for every skin type – combination, dry or irritation-prone skin. Natural cosmetics do not contain a number of allergens originating from chemical additives in their composition. Of course, plants can also be allergenic, but this happens very rarely. Especially that natural cosmetics are largely hypoallergenic, and in addition fragrance-free
  • An undoubted advantage of cosmetics of natural origin is their simple composition, or formula. Instead of a long list of not entirely familiar synthetic additives, the user gets a few simple, high-quality ingredients, which in combination create an effective solution. Also, do not forget that the described solutions are created with respect for nature. We are talking about the environment and animals in the case of vegan-friendly cosmetics.
  • Versatility is another positive feature that distinguishes the title characters from preparations made from synthetic ingredients. The point here is that natural creams, gels or face butters can be used practically by the whole family.
  • The effectiveness of cosmetics of natural origin should also be taken into account. Active ingredients, such as plants perfectly support the processes occurring in the human body. Among other things, they affect the inhibition of wrinkle formation. Flower or fruit extracts, when rubbed into the skin, swell, causing firmness.
  • Nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in flowers, plants, spices and extracts are not lost during a properly performed process of creating natural cosmetics. Devoid of chemicals and full of health-promoting ingredients are waiting to help in the fight against skin problems.

Certificates which natural cosmetics should have

  • ECOCERT – a certification organisation which checks the natural origin of cosmetics. When this is confirmed, the preparations receive the appropriate label. However, they must be free of GMOs, parabens, silicones, PEG emulsifiers, artificial fragrances and dyes.
  • NATRUE – this certificate on the package of the product means that it is one hundred percent natural, with the addition of water only. Cosmetics cannot contain petroleum derivatives, petroleum jelly, silicones, PEG, propylene glycols, parabens or synthetic fragrances – the list is really long.
  • ICEA – an Italian organization that tests cosmetics, giving them quality certification only if: the preparations are not tested on animals, they do not contain modified plant substances (GMO), they do not produce ionizing radiation and their production process is environmentally friendly. In this case too, we have only given examples from a long list of rules!
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