Do hybrid polishes damage nails?

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Hybrid manicure for years beats records of popularity among women who care about the appearance of their hands. Women choose it primarily because of time savings, very impressive appearance and high resistance to damage. In some circles, however, there are voices that say the use of hybrid polish affects the nails negatively. Is this true? Do hybrids destroy nails, and we should abandon them completely in favor of other types of manicure? This you will find out in today’s article! We invite you to read!

Do hybrids destroy nails?

Let’s answer at the very beginning, the use of hybrid nail polish does not adversely affect the nail plate, and thus do not destroy it! It is worth noting, however, that a huge impact on whether the manicure procedure will be safe, is how it is done. It is when doing hybrid nails and their subsequent removal, we most often damage our nails, and the cuticles around them. Of course, it can happen that a person using hybrid manicure products will be allergic to one of the components used in their manufacture, but this happens only in the case of preparations containing harmful substances, which are less and less in the domestic market.

What is most harmful to nails?

We already know that properly done hybrid manicure does not harm the nails, so what affects them negatively? There are several factors that should be mentioned! These include:

  • incorrectly prepared nail plate (e.g. sawn through),
  • incorrect application of light curing products (for example, flooding the cuticles or not curing them completely),
  • too frequent removal of styling with invasive agents (e.g. excessive use of drying acetone)
  • a diet low in nutrients,
  • lack of regular hair care,
  • lack of protection against harsh weather conditions.

How to regenerate damaged nails after hybrid?

Why are nails brittle and fragile? One of the main reasons is a diet low in vitamins and minerals. It is the daily menu that has a very significant impact on the condition of our nails. So what values can not be missing in our diet? First of all:

  • iron,
  • silicon,
  • zinc,
  • b group vitamins.

These can be found in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds, among others. Our daily diet should also not lack dried fruits, whole grain cereals, eggs and legumes. The inclusion of products rich in the above-mentioned vitamins and minerals should begin to show results after 2-3 weeks – says the MODNEPAZURKI stylist.

How to avoid nail damage?

Just improving your diet is not enough – it is extremely important to regularly care for your hands. How exactly should it look like? Let’s start with the use of hand creams, the use of which should become a habit. Let’s adjust them to the season of the year, and let’s apply them at least 3 times a day, to provide hands with protection and proper hydration. Another preparation that should be used regularly is cuticle oil. This is required especially if you do a hybrid manicure, during which we work on your cuticles.

Of course, we can not forget about the correct removal of hybrids, because it is during the removal of hybrid nails usually unknowingly expose the plate to damage and drying. So how to go about it? If you struggle with a brittle and fragile plate, instead of classic acetone, choose the one with the addition of lanolin. This is a substance derived from sheep fat, which has a lubricating, moisturizing and protective effect, and therefore effectively protects nails from the adverse effects of acetone.

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