Do you know these iconic sneaker models?

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They never go out of style and are incredibly versatile – we wear them with pants, skirts and dresses. Meet the sneakers that are making waves in the fashion world. The most luxurious brands have introduced them to their offer.

Fila Disruptor

This model needs no introduction. It is an absolute hit – not only because of its original design, but also because of its comfort and convenience. Fila Disruptor has a serrated sole with great cushioning and a soft polyurethane insole. Without a doubt, it is an eye-catcher.

Louis Vuitton Archlight

The French fashion house decided to release its version of “ugly” shoes. The Archlight model is distinguished by a high instep and an unusually curved sole, somewhat in a futuristic style. A long tongue has also been added to it. Louis Vuitton sneakers quickly conquered hearts of women all over the world, including the biggest stars. They even appeared on the cover of the Korean edition of “Vogue”.

Balenciaga Triple S

This is another luxury proposal of controversial shoes, which is also the most popular, although some love it and others hate it. The Balenciaga Triple S sneakers are inspired by the 1990s, with an asymmetrical large sole and different colored inserts.

Gucci Sega

Their name is no coincidence, as it comes from a Japanese computer game manufacturer. They were created in collaboration between Gucci and Sega. The sneakers are suede and leather, massive and resemble mountain trappers. The decorative, crisscrossing straps with colorful stones make them unique.

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