Coat models that are suitable for short stature

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Coat is one of the most popular outerwear during autumn or winter days. It is elegant, and well protects against the cold. What coat should people of short height choose, so that it does not shorten them optically?

Short people do not have it easy when it comes to choosing closet. Usually they try to dress in such a way as to optically slim and elongate their silhouette. Wearing inappropriate clothes may make them look even shorter than they really are. This also applies to coats. Which coat will make the proportions of the silhouette look more favorable? When choosing them, there are several important rules to remember

Coat length is key

Girls and women with low height usually do what they can to slightly “trick” the environment and look taller. Therefore, it is best for them to choose a coat that reaches to the knees. This is a great length, which allows you to expose your figure well. A very common mistake is to wear coats reaching to mid-thigh. Why? It may distort body proportions. This length makes that legs are optically shortened. Unless we wear the coat and the lower part of the closet in the same color, for example, navy blue with navy blue, but this is in the long run a difficult and cumbersome solution

Short ladies should also steer clear of long coats. It is wrong to think that in such a garment we will look slimmer – on the contrary. On the contrary, if in addition to short height we have a small figure, we may look caricatured and even “disappear” under this garment. However, if this cut is “the dream one”, it is obligatory to wear heeled shoes, which slightly elongate the figure. A good trick is to leave the coat unbuttoned, although it is rather a bad idea in the case of cold days

What cut of coat is best for short height?

Women who are not blessed with legs reaching to the sky, should choose classic and feminine coats. Semi-circular cuts, cut off under the bust and with classic collars will look good. A good idea is also a belt, which will emphasize our silhouette and optically slim it

For short people will also work classic, simple coats with one row of buttons. The advantage of such coats is their versatility and the fact that we will always look stylish in them. Such a trench will give us lightness, especially if we wear it with heeled shoes and skinny pants. Beware of mid-calf lengths as these will add weight to your legs and yourself

Few people realize that the color of the coat in combination with the rest of your closet is also important. And it is not only about individual taste. Do not combine a dark skirt or pants with a light-coloured coat or vice versa. Then you will take away at least several centimeters

If your silhouette is straight and resembles a “column”, it is worth choosing garments with frills or pleats, and a belt. In turn, in the case of narrow shoulders, coats with epaulettes will look good

Which coats to avoid? These models will not be good for short ladies!

Low women should not only give up the ankle-length coats, but also the oversize ones. And although this model is a hit of recent seasons, we can look overwhelmed in it. Too large coat will look very heavy and unnatural on a petite figure. Therefore, it is worth to be a follower of the rule that not in everything that is fashionable, we will look good

Woolen coat and trench – ideal for petite figure

Women with petite figures will look great in recently fashionable trench, which perfectly emphasizes feminine shapes and shapes the figure. It can be worn even by women who have some extra kilograms. It is worth choosing a cut in the shade of bottle green, classic beige or maroon. For colder days a woolen coat will be suitable, which, we must admit, always looks stylish. If you want to add a few centimeters, you can choose a model with vertical stripes and wear it with pleated skirt

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