How to fix a perfume scent?

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A beautiful fragrance is an important part of our style that keeps us fresh and feeling good. Unfortunately, when we spray ourselves with perfume in the morning, it does not smell so intense in the evening. How to preserve a perfume scent?

Where to store perfumes

Do you store your perfume in the bathroom? It’s convenient, but it significantly decreases the durability of the cosmetic. All perfumes should be stored in a dry room with a constant temperature. A good place will be, for example, a cupboard in the bedroom. In the bathroom, where it is cold, hot and steamy, the oils quickly evaporate and lose their power, making the aroma of perfumes less and less noticeable.

Expiration date

Perfume, like many other products, has a shelf life. Expired perfumes may not only be harmful (they may cause allergies or headaches), but also their smell lasts shorter. Remember to always check the expiration date and do not buy large stocks of perfumes, which you may not be able to use up in a sufficiently short time. Most perfumes are usable for 2-3 years from the date of production. Buy two or three favorite fragrances in small bottles. Buy the next ones only when the current contents of the bottles run out.

Grease preserves fragrance

It is worth knowing that the best carrier of fragrances is fat or alcohol. Have you noticed that perfumes smell longer on oily skin? This is a great way to fix your favorite scents. Lubricate your body with petroleum jelly or oil before you apply your favorite perfume. Only then spray the fragrance on your skin. You will see that the perfume stays with you for a long time!

Perfume after bathing

If you want to smell your favorite perfume all day long, spray yourself with it right after bathing. A warm, moisturized, well-hydrated body rubbed with lotion or milk is a good carrier of fragrance. The aroma will penetrate the skin and stay with you all day long or even longer.

Correct application

Apply the perfume to the area where the skin is warmest, such as the wrist, the bend of the elbows, under the knees and behind the ears. Remember not to rub these areas after application. This can break down the fragrance molecules and cause the scent to evaporate quickly. And this is not the point. Let the perfume dry on its own and envelop you with a beautiful aroma. A good way, especially if the smell of perfume is heavy and strong, is to spray the cosmetic in the air and enter the fragrance cloud. The aroma will stay all over your body, hair and clothes, but it will be delicate and discreet and will not cause discomfort to other people. The scent holds well on your hair, so gently spray your hair with the perfume and as you walk, the scent will gently waft out.

Identical fragrance notes

To smell good throughout the day, use cosmetics with one fragrance line. Sometimes a mix of fruity lotion, floral deodorant, and perfume with a completely different scent line makes for an unpleasant combination. Ideally, you should buy lotion, deodorant and perfume from the same collection, with the same fragrance note. This way, the scent will seem applied in layers and will accompany you gently throughout the day. You can also buy unscented body lotion and pour a few drops of your chosen perfume into it. This will create a cosmetic wrapping your body with your favorite aroma.

Quick refreshment

Sometimes, despite following the instructions, the fragrance quickly evaporates. In this case, take a small bottle of perfume with you or prepare some gauze pads or cotton buds sprayed with perfume. Hide them in an airtight bag so that the entire fragrance does not escape. When the smell on your body is no longer noticeable, you smear yourself with a cotton bud and again you will smell like you just left home. A simple but very effective trick.

Even the most expensive perfume does not guarantee that the smell will last from morning to evening. Fortunately, there are ways that perfectly preserve the scent of perfume. Try a few tricks and stay fresh all day long.

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