These tricks will make your styling look more expensive!

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Women love fashion. And there is no fooling: each of us would like to look perfect. But not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on clothes. So what can you do to make your outfit look more expensive than it really is? Discover a few tricks!

Most of us dream of wearing clothes from the front pages of fashion magazines. We look for clothes from well-known brands and the best designers. Unfortunately, our wallets are often not as rich as in our imagination. Despite this, we do not have to give up exclusive look. It is enough to deceive reality a little bit. Learn a few tricks, which will make your outfit look more expensive!

A well-composed closet

A surplus of clothes in your closet is no proof of its quality! The most important thing is the skillful selection of your closet. It is worth to complete the content of your closet basing on elements, which are universal both in terms of their cut and colors – they will constitute a perfect base for fashionable stylizations. This will also save us considerable amounts of money.

White total look – timeless white is always fashionable

Invariably fashionable and original white total look always looks elegant and expensive. We can easily pull out all white clothes from our closet and combine them in various combinations. White pants (both those perfectly fitted and emphasizing your figure and those a bit looser) can be easily matched with a white shirt or a lacy blouse. When so styled we go out on the town, passers-by will not be able to take their eyes off us, and we will feel like famous models on the catwalk.

Waist belt

Jackets, coats or shirts tied at the waist with a belt will definitely add a chic touch to our styling. Depending on the outfit, we may match it with a thin or wide belt, which can do a lot. A belt can do a lot for a simple dress or skirt and give it a whole new meaning. In 2020/2021 season it is worth betting on a wide leather belt wrapped around the waist. Why? There are several reasons. Such belts are at the forefront of this year’s micro trends. They were made famous during fashion shows of such designers and fashion houses as Saint Laurent or Elie Saab. Leather belts are also incredibly practical and make every outfit look classy and much more expensive than it really is.

Sporty elegance

Sporty clothes can also look elegant and exclusive. Many well-known stylists and fashion experts have proven time and again that combining sportswear with classic clothes can give interesting results. Such combinations can be very stylish and often look much more expensive than they really are.

Jewelry adds glamour, chic and exclusivity

Although it is said that: “not all gold that glitters”, but every, even the smallest ornament in the shade of gold will add elegance and chic to our styling. This applies mainly to outfits based on classics included in the so called capsule closet, whose main rule is minimalistic approach to the selection of accessories for inter-seasonal outfits. An elegant watch, a subtle necklace with a geometric pendant, a shiny bracelet or a retro-style signet ring will certainly make your outfit look more expensive. You can always find jewelry of this type in the offer of popular chain stores.

Timeless and original accessories

The choice of accessories is also important. Remember that when choosing a handbag or shoes for your styling, you should focus on making them eye-catching. The element which will attract attention can be an original shape of a handbag or unique color of shoes. An unusual accessory will become the icing on the cake of our expensive looking styling.

Let us remember that what will give our outfit an expensive look are single elements and accessories, which, when properly composed with our favorite clothes, will let us stand out from the crowd.

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