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This is something for trend lovers. Are you interested in the most beautiful clothes and accessories? Watch these fashion documentaries and go behind the scenes of the fashion world! It’s worth watching and expanding your knowledge!

The fashion world behind the scenes is really fascinating. How to take a peek and find out the details? It’s simple – you must watch these documentaries. Here is a collection of the most interesting documentaries that reveal the fashion world as it really is

“In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye”

Every trend lover knows what “Vogue” is. This magazine defines what fashion really is, and every global fashionista dreams of being in it. The cover of “Vogue” is a real dream for many, and the environment around the magazine tempts! That is why we recommend the film “In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye”. If you are interested in working behind the scenes in the American version of the magazine, and you want to learn as much as possible about the history of fashion in the twentieth century, this film is definitely a must-see! Wonderful stories of former and current editors of the magazine are a real treat! See which outstanding individuals have made a permanent mark in fashion history.

“Dior and I”

No doubt you are associated with the fashion house Dior. Thanks to the documentary “Dior and I”, we not only get a look behind the scenes of Raf Simons’ collection for this fashion giant, but also see the hard work of people you don’t see on the catwalk. They are, for example, seamstresses. This documentary can be rated as wonderful and touching. Something that every trend lover should see at least once – and thanks to this even better understanding of fashion

“First Monday in May”

Anna Wintour – she is the one who has literally been shaking up the fashion world for decades! Here is a documentary in which the editor-in-chief of the American edition of “Vogue” plays first fiddle. The film shows the preparations for the MET Gala, the event where all the world’s most important fashionistas and show business stars meet. Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker, among others, can be seen there regularly. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations for the industry’s most important annual event… and get an up-close look at the famous Anna Wintour


Another documentary about a woman well known in the fashion world. An amazing character, a real colorful bird – all Iris Apfel! This interior decorator and businesswoman really impresses with her personality and unique sense of style. Unusual and unusual combinations of patterns, colors and materials are her trademark. Watch “Iris” – for inspiration!

“Manolo Blahnik: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards”

If you’re a fan of “Sex in the City,” you’re very familiar with this name. It was the stilettos from Manolo Blahnik that were the biggest object of desire for the famous Carrie Bradshaw! The documentary about the designer’s life is really fascinating. If you are curious how the way to the top of one of the most popular men in the world of fashion looked like, you have to watch it. In the film we will hear statements of Anna Wintour and Rihanna, among others, who very willingly wear shoes from Manolo.


Here is the story of another man in the fashion world. Alexander McQueen is an undisputed genius, a difficult and complex figure, but also a fascinating one. One of the most eminent British designers has left his mark on the fashion world forever and is a reference point even now, after his untimely death. See an overview of the artist’s most important collections and a behind-the-scenes look at his private life to help you better understand the McQueen phenomenon

“Yves Saint Laurent”

The brilliant designer Yves Saint Laurent – his work and life definitely fascinate! In this documentary we meet him as a young man and have the opportunity to follow the development of his career. The director tries to faithfully recreate the facts of life of a young designer preparing his first collection for the fashion house Dior. The documentary is impressive!

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