How to style the peplite clothes?

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Pepit is one of the most recognizable elements of fashion. This timeless black and white fine check (also known as “hen’s foot” or “hounds tooth”) is primarily associated with Coco Chanel, and therefore with sophistication and luxury.

However, contemporary fashion designers allow different combinations with this motif, because the eclectic style is very creative and modern. “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury,” said Coco Chanel. The creator of the fashion empire made the peplite a symbol of class and good taste. Black and white suits, perfectly tailored skirts, and even shoes, headwear and handbags – beautiful ladies wore this pattern from head to toe. Today, dressing entirely in a striking pattern is a rather daring, but not impossible, style. Pepit still looks very effective in office style, by combining one piece of “chicken foot” – jacket, skirt or pants – with an elegant snow-white or black blouse. The most suitable pants for this occasion are traditional cigarette pants (narrow, with a three-quarter leg), which perfectly emphasize the shapely figure and add elegance. If you need a little more freedom, a monochromatic blouse can be replaced by a good quality t-shirt.

Opt for color

If the peplite pattern seems too serious for you – bet on color. Back in the 1960s, American designer Geoffrey Beene combined black with lavender, green and caramel. By doing so, he made this classic look more popular among women who do not like the strong black-white combination and gave the style a more candy-colored and girly character. Another idea in the casual style is to add a sweater or a blouse in a color to the black and white outfit (e.g. skirt or jacket). These may be both delicate and pastel colors (mint, pink, peach, salmon or ecru) and vivid (maroon, red, bottle green or lively fuchsia). It all depends on our beauty type and complexion color.

Colored elements added to pepitas will also appeal to young people, which is another proof that classics work in every situation and regardless of age. The matching peplite miniskirt is often found in young people’s closets. Combined with a plain coloured sweater and high heels, the peplite skirt gives a very glamorous look and the sophisticated style is also attractive for daring fashionistas.

Nonchalant cool

By itself, the striped pattern is so appealing that it even adds a touch of class to a grunge look. You may therefore match it with a casual sweatshirt or heavy black shoes. Coats and jackets with this print are very trendy this season (for example in a shirt cut), although red, yellow or navy blue would look better instead of the white check.

Long, wide and woolen skirts in colorful or traditional black and white pepit also look very impressive. The skirt itself gives such an effect that you can wear almost anything with it: an elegant button-down blouse, sweater or turtleneck in one color or a good quality T-shirt. Match with high heeled boots (or even thin stiletto heels) to add lightness and emphasize femininity. Pepitka will work very well in autumn and winter styling to take care of our warmth and comfort.

The devil is in the details

Pepite also looks great as an accessory. This pattern can be one small piece of clothing, such as a scarf, handbag, shoes, gloves or headwear. The pattern can also be an insert to a blouse, sweater, shoes or dress. Adored by Coco Chanel – but also very often highlighted by the fashion house Gucci or in Michael Kors collections – pepitas is a universal and recognizable pattern. If skilfully composed with other elements of an outfit, it will work not only in the office, but also at a party or on a date. Have you already got an idea how to wear the peplite pattern?

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