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It’s been autumn outside for a few weeks now. This means only one thing – it’s time to come to terms with the end of summer, say goodbye to the scorching sun and change your closet to one more suitable for the weather. Unfortunately, in the autumn the rain cannot be avoided, and during rainfall our feet are the most vulnerable to moisture and freezing. That’s why half-shoes are a must-have item in your closet during autumn and early winter. See how to wear them with style.

Sporty shoes

Sport shoes are perfect for simple everyday outfits. If you like to wear casual jeans and oversized sweatshirts, half shoes can be an accent color in your outfit or blend in with the whole outfit. However, it’s important that they match the style of your outfit and don’t stand out by being out of place. Unfortunately, it is a common mistake to wear too elegant shoes with casual outfits and vice versa – sports shoes with formal clothes. You yourself know your style best and you know what you feel good in, so buy such shoes that you can wear on as many occasions as possible. So what if you have the season’s trendiest cut of shoes, if you won’t have anything to wear them with anyway. If you like urban style and often choose sporty outfits, such shoes should be bought for autumn

Shoes for the office or for the university

It is known that to work or university, although it is not a written rule, you will not wear sweatpants and sneakers. Maybe in some situations it is acceptable, but usually these places require you to maintain a certain fashion etiquette. For business casual styling, the ideal footwear will be elegant, tied women’s half shoes. Varnishes will look best, but if you feel that this is not your style, you can choose matte finish eco-leather. Black, navy blue or brown are the best colors for a classic look, but if you are more daring, yellow, red or blue shoes can liven up your everyday look

Rock ‘n’ Roll – a style with style

If you are a fan of heavy, rock or metal music and like to show it off with your look, low boots are the perfect fall shoes for you. Let’s face it, in summer even the biggest Black Sabbath fan will wear light sandals or flip flops in 40 degree heat. Autumn is the moment when you can painlessly jump into heavy boots and black ramones. While for more classic outfits, glans could prove to be too distinctive and defined in terms of style, for rock or gothic creations, it will be a hit

Mountain boots, how to wear them with style?

Although sporty mountain boots are designed for long hikes on the trail, because of their comfort, they are also often worn every day. The comfort that well-fitting trekking shoes provide is incredible, so if you value comfort, don’t give up on them in the urban jungle. Unfortunately, they have a strongly defined look and it is difficult to wear them with a dress or jacket. If you want to go for a pair of mountain boots, leave the styling as versatile and neutral as possible. This way, what you have on your feet will not particularly stand out against a particular style of clothes or accessories

Fall boots need to be comfortable, durable and warm. After all, they need to protect your feet from puddles, raindrops and wind. After all, it is not always possible to wear wellingtons. If you want to look stylish this fall, choose the right shoes for your closet, so that the creations you compose are aesthetic and consistent.

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