Clothes and accessories from these brands will make you stand out in the crowd

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Do you want your outfits to attract attention? There are designers whose clothes and accessories make this possible. We tell you which brands have clothes that will make you stand out in the crowd and why they are so special.

Some designers offer clothes that are impossible to pass by indifferently. Their collections draw attention from people all over the world, so when you wear their clothes or accessories, you are sure to stand out from the crowd. Below, we present the brands whose products you can find in the Via Della Spiga store.

Karl Lagerfeld with an image of the designer

A distinctive ponytail, dark glasses and a stand-up collar – this is the look of Karl Lagerfeld, whose image can be found on many of the brand’s clothes. He is certainly one of the greatest fashion designers in the world and his designs have been chosen by the biggest stars for many years. So if you want your clothes and accessories to be not only high quality, but also expressive and unique, opt for clothes from this brand. Luxury fashion is not always classic elegance. The originality of Karl Lagerfeld clothes and accessories will allow you to stand out from the crowd. The brand combines feminine chic with modern forms. Its collections include eye-catching T-shirts with a cartoon image of Karl Lagerfeld.

Chiara Ferragni with a wink

Chiara is certainly the most popular fashion blogger in the world. She is a contemporary style icon and her styles are copied by women all over the world. Chiara Ferragni’s main inspirations are travel, pop culture and music. The brand’s clothes are distinguished above all by their optimistic colors and modern look. If you are bold and like to shine, you should reach for the clothes from the Chiara Ferragni collection.

This fashion brand was founded relatively recently, in 2013. All Chiara Ferragni products are made with attention to every detail and with great care. Among the brand’s products you will find espadrilles, stilettos or sandals, which you will be able to match with unique, colorful dresses. The brand’s collections also include stylish accessories such as backpacks and headwear.

Cheeky Moschino

The Moschino brand is characterized by an extravagant approach to fashion, bold colors and often playful form. For years it has been surprising with original ideas, which are loved by women around the world. Shoes and handbags will be a perfect complement to any styling, both simple, which they give a unique character, and the more expressive. Lovers of classics will also find something for themselves in Moschino collections – espadrilles, flip-flops or sandals in subdued colors will be a great addition to casual outfits. The brand’s clothes and accessories are a combination of original design and high quality workmanship.

Philipp Plein rock bling

The brand’s clothes are a perfect choice for everyone who likes to be the center of attention, just like the designer himself. Philipp Plein’s style is predatory and rock’n’roll. The brand’s collections give streetwear a unique look. The clothes and accessories are aimed at courageous people who appreciate fun and success. Skulls and wings, as well as tassels, studs and large logos are frequent motifs. In addition, the brand’s products are characterized by ornamentation and the combination of opposing materials, for example, glitter with matte. The brand’s clothing and accessories are also very high quality.

Photo by Arnold Jerocki/GC Images

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