How do you know good quality clothing?

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A sensible approach to shopping is one that assumes that we are looking for clothes that are not only pretty and affordable, but also of good quality. However, what should we pay attention to in order to be sure that the chosen articles are just that?

None of us likes to spend money on clothes, which will get ripped or crumpled after the first wash. To avoid this, it is worth paying attention to a few elements when shopping. We will tell you how to recognize good quality clothing.

Clothing composition

An extremely important element determining the quality of clothing is its composition. It is worth paying attention to, because some synthetic fabrics are quite irritating to the skin, and their stiffness causes discomfort when wearing. In addition, the skin does not breathe in them at all, which makes it start to sweat terribly. So what materials to avoid? Synthetic fibers that cause such unpleasantness include polyester, elastane, nylon and acrylic.

If you want to make sure that your clothes are not only good for you but also for the environment, opt for materials such as cotton, cashmere, silk, wool and linen. They are pleasant to the skin and also much more eco-friendly. You can find high-quality clothing made from these natural materials at, for example, which offers brand-name clothing from O’la Voga.

Cotton is not the same as cotton

Staying on the topic of materials, it is also worth noting that not all cotton is of high quality. So how to choose a good one? In the case of cotton, the key role is played by the quality of the raw material itself. The one, which will last for years, has slightly thicker fibres, thanks to which clothes made of it do not show through and can be described as fleshy to the touch. So if you are looking for such clothes for your child, visit

Details are important

When buying clothes, it is also worth paying attention to the details, because they often speak about the actual quality of the product. The way the edges of the clothes are finished or the buttons and zips are sewn on can tell you a lot about how long the item will last. Remember also, that if you see that a garment is already wrinkled or ripped in the store, you should definitely not buy it, even if it is on sale – after a few wearings and the first wash, it will only get worse.

Does price always mean quality?

It is also worth noting that expensive and considered to be luxury brands do not always offer high quality clothes. This is not an ethical practice, but unfortunately the reality is that manufacturers try to entice customers to buy by inflating the price and thus wrongly implying the class of their clothes. If you want to be sure that the clothes will be of really great quality, bet on well-known and transparent brands.

Shopping tricks

When looking for good quality clothes, there are a few shopping tricks you should know. One of them is to squeeze the cotton for a few/several seconds – if it is of good quality, it should not wrinkle too much. For stretch fabrics, on the other hand, you can check their quality by tugging and stretching them slightly. If they are of high quality, they should return to their place. Also pay attention to the ironing information on the label, as the higher the value given, the better the garment will iron.

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