Hair lamination – what is it and is it worth it?

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Despite the fact that hair lamination has long been a well-known hair care treatment, many people still wonder whether it is worth it.

Hair lamination is a procedure especially dedicated to weakened and dyed hair. Its aim is to instantly strengthen, thicken and revitalize hair. The whole process can be compared to paper lamination, where an important document is placed in a special foil that protects it. However, in the case of hair, the preparation has a biologically active composition which, when subjected to high temperature, glues damaged hair cuticles together. The treatment is aimed at filling them, as a result of which they look thicker, smoother, denser and healthier

Laminating cosmetics contain natural plant extracts, proteins as well as biologically active substances, which have a beneficial effect on the scalp and the hair

What Are the Benefits of Laminating Hair?

Below, we have outlined the benefits of hair lamination:

  • inexpensive and safe hair treatment,
  • immediate effect of gloss, revitalization – hair becomes strong and nourished,
  • increase in hair volume – hair becomes thicker,
  • hair protection from external factors,
  • the possibility of using color lamination, which will change the shade of hair, additionally strengthening it.

Are there any drawbacks to hair lamination?

Depending on the product you choose, one of the main downsides of hair lamination is the rather short time for the visible end result to disappear after about 6 weeks. With every wash the laminate is gradually removed from the hair structure. However, it is worth repeating the treatment as if applied regularly it has a strengthening effect and the effects overlap giving great results.

When going for a laminating treatment you should also carefully read opinions about the hairdresser who will conduct the procedure. There is a risk that the treatment will not be carried out correctly or that low-quality cosmetics will be used

What else should be kept in mind before the treatment?

  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not laminate their hair.
  • Laminated hair cannot be colored.
  • After the treatment it is difficult to achieve styling with curls and frizzy hair.
  • In order to maintain the effects of lamination, it is necessary to use special cosmetics that maintain the beautiful appearance of the hair. Without them the protective coating of the hair will wash out much faster.

The Laminating Procedure: Step by Step

  1. First the hair stylist checks the condition and type of the hair. Taking into consideration the condition of the hair, the stylist selects a cosmetic product for lamination.
  2. The product is applied evenly over the entire length of the washed and dried hair.
  3. The hair is then heated with a hair dryer or a special salon appliance. This part of the lamination takes 15-30 minutes.
  4. The next step is to wash off the laminating agent and dry the hair.
  5. If the procedure is repeated, the laminate is applied again.
  6. The average laminating procedure usually takes about 2 hours.


Hair lamination can be successfully done at home on your own. Nowadays, professional hair care sets are available on the market. It is worth using products of such brands as

  • Concept smart lamination,
  • Lebel,
  • Matrix,
  • Hair Company,
  • Dikson,
  • Constant Delight

However, you should weigh all the pros and cons before trying it yourself. You may find that visiting your hairdresser will be a better option. Laminating done at home will only come out well if you have adequate knowledge and experience regarding this procedure. Otherwise, the end result may not be satisfactory

How to choose a product for lamination?

Laminating cosmetics should be chosen depending on the structure (straight or curly), condition and color (natural or dyed) of the hair. There are more and less expensive products on the market and the price of the whole procedure depends on the length of the hair. It is advisable to consult an expert in this matter

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