Styles from Friends that are worth recreating today

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The series “Friends” began to be broadcast in 1994, which is more than two and a half decades ago. Since then, the sitcom has gained cult status and is still watched by millions of fans around the world

Nowadays, more and more people are taking their fashion inspiration from the 90’s. Check which outfits of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler or Ross fit into the current trends

The “Friends” series is full of situational quips, cutting retorts, and unexpected coincidences. If you have seen the adventures of six friends from New York, you know that some of their outfits can still be worn today. Each of the characters had his or her own individual style, which also manifested itself in a characteristic way of dressing.

Costume designer Debra McGuire, who worked on this project, wanted to give the characters their own identity, which she did very well. More than 20 years after the first episode aired, we still enjoy revisiting the story of the pack of friends, but we also get inspired by their hairstyles.

top 6 fashion inspirations from ‘Friends’

1. Checked skirt

The undisputed queen of style in the series was Rachel Green, who was great at using current trends in an unforced and unpretentious way. Her style may be a great inspiration for people who like minimalism and simplicity. They are sure to enjoy her Scottish checkered mini skirt, which she paired with a cream turtleneck

2. Thin Strap Dress in Deep Red

Monica also wore great outfits which perfectly emphasized her slim figure. One of the dresses that is also a strong trend right now is the thin-strapped sleeping dress. Monika wore it during Ross’ wedding, which took place in London. It is a great choice for both big events and more casual situations.

3. Boho style vest

Boho style has been in vogue for a few seasons now and there is no sign of it going away. For hippie-inspired looks, it is definitely worth taking a look at Phoebe’s closet. One of the most interesting items that Lisa Kudrow’s character wore was a knitted vest with long fringes.

4. Leather jackets

Another great 90s inspiration that hasn’t gone out of fashion even for one season is a jacket made of leather. Currently, you can look for models inspired by vintage trends. It is worth visiting second hand in search of a unique model, oversize jackets will look fantastic.

5. Denim

The 90s is certainly a time when denim played a huge role both in high fashion and street fashion. Looking at the styles from the TV series, you can see that each of the characters at least once appeared in stylish jeans, dungarees or denim shirts. Currently, we are very eager to wear mom jeans style pants with an elevated waist.

6. The classic cry and high boots

Another timeless look that has stood the test of time perfectly is the look we associate with Rachel Green. A simple long coat combined with high heeled boots and an immortal little black dress. This is a sensational styling for the upcoming autumn and winter period, which will allow us to look stylish regardless of the weather.

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