Timeless clothes and accessories to invest in to look stylish!

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There are clothes and accessories that never go out of fashion. Such things are worth having in your closet. They are a great base for many stylings and fit into different configurations and occasions.

Due to the fact that these clothes are suitable not only for everyday use, but also for more special occasions, it is worth betting on their quality. Products from the higher price range, made of better materials, will serve much longer than those bought in chain stores

A woman’s closet should not lack several important elements, thanks to which the choice of styling will become easy. It is not necessary to have a closet full of clothes to dress fashionably and in line with current trends. Contrary to appearances, it is the minimalist, capsule closet that can bring more ideas and inspiration for original and unconventional clothes

7 classics that every woman should have in her closet

  1. Leather handbag

A leather handbag is the most common accessory for everyday styling for work or university. Many women decide on a letter carrier bag, because it is handy and practical, and at the same time it has been very fashionable for years. This bag, although it looks inconspicuous, can carry a lot of necessary items, from small things to a book or small shopping. Its biggest advantage is undoubtedly the fact that it goes with practically everything. When looking for the perfect leather handbag, it is worth to be guided by the quality of the model you choose

  1. White shirt

A white shirt is an absolute must have for every well-dressed woman. It is perfect for summer, autumn and winter stylizations. It can be worn in dozens of ways, in formal or less formal circumstances. However, white shirt is quite demanding when it comes to its washing and drying, a small mistake can result in yellow discoloration. However, it is worth buying a model made of natural fabrics, which will make the shirt breathable and pleasant to wear

  1. Midi dress

The midi dress has become a trend for good that no one gets bored with. It is a versatile cut that fits as a casual dress and can be a great choice as a more special outfit (just choose elegant jewelry and do an evening hairstyle). Trendy are midi dresses in various patterns and motifs, which fit into the style and atmosphere of boho. They look great when paired with autumn boots or cowboy boots

  1. Oversize blazer

The blazer is an outfit that is very classic and timeless, but can be a fantastic element of original styling. The oversized blazer is not only suitable for the office. Over the years, blazers have been seen in more fashionable looks in combination with evening dresses or tops. Many people are now opting for blazers as a standalone piece of clothing, under which only underwear is worn as part of the styling

  1. Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots have taken the fashion world by storm and have been an accessory that is hard to part with for years. Probably that is why many girls create outfits where boots in cowboy style are present both in summer and autumn. They look great with shorts, dresses and classic jeans. Such shoes attract attention and are very impressive. It is worth choosing a model made of natural leather, which will be able to serve us for years. Excellent copies, in excellent condition can sometimes be found in vintage stores

  1. Black lingerie

Underwear is an item of clothing that is not worth saving on. This applies mainly to bras, which should each time be properly selected according to the size of our bust. This is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of taking care of the health of your breasts. Black lingerie is sensual, mysterious and very attractive. It is worth having a few sets of underwear in this color in your closet. Practical can be not only bras, panties or thongs, but also tights and stockings, which perfectly complement styling on colder days

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