Biker shorts in the office version – how to style them?

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Although biker shorts had their heyday in the 1990s, today they are back in fashion again, but in a slightly different form. They used to be worn exclusively during sports, especially for cycling. Today they can be styled more elegantly and can be successfully worn even to the office. Discover some unusual hairstyles with cyclists in the leading role!

Bikers have conquered the fashion world

Cycling shorts, or rather biker shorts, are short, close-fitting shorts. They look like leggings that have been transformed into shorts. If you decide to buy them, it is worth paying special attention to the material from which they are sewn. In stores, you can most often find cycling shorts made of polyester and nylon. Unfortunately, they are not a good choice. Synthetic fibers do not allow air to pass through, which can lead to the growth of bacteria and excessive perspiration.

Cyclists with elegant styling

Although cyclists were created to be ridden in, today’s fashion proves that nothing prevents you from incorporating them into elegant styling for the office. This season, many designers are pairing bikers with a longer oversize jacket. They put a basic plain top underneath, and emphasize the elegant character with minimalist moccasins. If our workplace does not have a rigid official dress code, such a combination will work perfectly.

Sporty bikers

The comfort provided by the sporty style can not be compared with anything. So it is hardly surprising that cycling shoes are most often worn with typically sporty outfits. For colder days, we recommend pairing them with an oversize hooded sweatshirt. Add to it comfortable sneakers and the look for a bike ride is ready! On warmer days, the sweatshirt can be successfully replaced by a short top, which will not restrict movement.

Bikers for summer

Summer is the time of year that is conducive to creating fashionable and comfortable styles with cycling shorts in the lead role. Pair your shorts with a bondeau top, and throw your favorite linen shirt on top. Don’t button it up, and your styling will gain lightness. Top it off with comfortable flat sole sandals, so as not to tire your feet, and delicate jewelry. Styling perfect for the summer heat is ready!

Cycling shorts for everyday wear

Cycling shorts are ideal for everyday wear. They are comfortable and do not restrict movement. We recommend pairing them with an oversize T-shirt in a distinctive neon color. This will make the outfit not look boring. For balance, put white sneakers on your feet. This is how you will create a styling that will fit perfectly into the dopamine dressing trend!

Festival bikers

Summer is the time of festivals. In addition to the musical experience, they also provide incredible fashion inspiration. Many people prepare interesting styles for themselves long before the event begins. We, of course, recommend bikers for this occasion! As we have already proved in this article, they are not only comfortable, but also stylish. Juxtaposing them with your favorite T-shirt, ramones and comfortable sneakers will create a combination with a touch of rock claw.

Cycling shorts are shorts that are worth having in your closet. The number of styles we can create with them is endless, and each of them looks unique!

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