How to wear high-waisted pants?

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High-waisted pants are back in favour again. Extremely popular in the 60s and 70s of the last century, they are now available in a new, refreshed version. This timeless model is very popular among women, because if worn properly it can perfectly model the figure and highlight all its assets. Check out how to create fashionable outfits both on everyday and festive occasions

Highlight your waist to the max

High-waisted pants end at the waist or slightly below it, thus emphasizing and highlighting it. If you want to maximize this effect and get perfectly proportioned silhouette, it is worth putting on blouses or shirts tucked into pants. This will bring the waist to the foreground, while the buttocks will be uncovered and additionally emphasized. In a more daring version, you may also combine them with very fashionable crop tops

If you are not a lucky owner of a slim waist, nothing is lost. Wear a belt with high-waisted pants. This clever trick will divide your silhouette in half and give the illusion that your waist is much narrower than it really is.

Size does matter

When buying high-waisted pants, there is one rule which absolutely must not be broken. They should be tailored to your silhouette in terms of size. They cannot be too tight or too loose, because then instead of emphasizing the silhouette’s assets, they will start to expose its weaknesses. That is why you should always choose the right size and in case of models with elastane, remember that they may stretch during wear or in the wash

Choose the right model for your figure

When buying your first pair, keep in mind that high-waisted pants come in a variety of cuts that are dedicated to different figures:

  • High-waisted pants with pockets on the sides can afford women with a slender figure and narrow hips.
  • Those with heavier thighs should avoid slim-fit trousers, which will emphasize them even more.
  • On the other hand, women with a slightly rounder figure should bet on high-waisted pants in dark colors, without unnecessary rips
  • In case of short women, the best solution is high-waisted pants with flared legs, which, combined with heels, will add a few centimeters of height.
  • If you want to make your legs seem endless, black high-waisted trousers and stilettos will give you that stunning effect.

What to wear with high-waisted pants to look fashionable and stylish?

Depending on the occasion, high-waisted pants can be paired with different items of clothing. In case of more casual models, it is worth to bet on a set with sneakers, classic T-shirt and a cardigan or a ramon jacket carelessly thrown over it. This way you will create a comfortable and stylish look, great for going out with friends or for a walk

As for high-waisted pants made of elegant fabric, just put a white shirt and tuck it into the pants for a classic vintage office outfit. For a party or date night edition, go for a lingerie bodysuit or a satin shirt for a sexy look.

High-waisted pants are almost a cult component of our closet. They can be made of classic denim or a bit more elegant linen. However, regardless of the material, if worn properly, they always perfectly emphasize the figure and expose the waist, as well as optically lengthen the legs. This is why they have so many fans at all ages.

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