Handbag for the office – what should it be?

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Handbags for work can be found in many sizes and colors. Below we present the most popular models, which are sure to interest you. It is possible that you will find an offer for yourself among them.

Shoulder bag

The most characteristic and classic model, which is also suitable for work, is a shoulder bag. Extremely handy and usually made of leather, it has enjoyed unflagging popularity for years. You can carry it on your shoulder or nonchalantly hold it in your hand. Thanks to two types of handles it is extremely comfortable. Moreover, the adjustable strap can be easily adjusted to our needs.


It is worth to choose such a size, in which we can fit documents, or even our wallet, cell phone and other necessary details. It is important that it has a few compartments, where you can easily find the most necessary things. Especially important is a small, zippered pocket on the back of the bag, where you can hide, for example, keys or a bus ticket. You can find shoulder bags in version with stiffened walls or you can bet on fabric models, which are a bit lighter, but at the same time more handy. The shoulder bag can be the perfect complement to our office styling



Many people working in large corporations have an imposed dress code. Among the rules prevailing in the company, it is also important to choose an appropriate handbag. A briefcase is an ideal solution, as it combines comfort and elegance. A single handle allows you to carry it in hand, but many models also have a strap, so you can wear it on your shoulder. What’s more, you can fit all important to us documents in it. By the way, you can also hide your laptop or iPad in it. The briefcase has moulded compartments inside, thanks to which the documents are sorted and protected from damage

Many women carry shoulder bags along with their briefcases, which can hold all the small things we need. A leather briefcase will always look elegant and make an outfit seem more formal. A well-made briefcase for women will serve us for a long time, so it is worth investing in it. Besides, it is much more elegant than, for example, a fabric laptop bag.

Leather backpack

Leather backpack can be a great alternative for popular shoulder bag. Thanks to smart adjustable straps we can easily adjust it to our needs. Many women’s backpacks are made so that they can be transformed into shoulder bags if needed. Simply pull the two straps together to turn the backpack into a handbag. This can be ideal for those women who commute to their work by bike, for example, or who want complete freedom of movement. A leather backpack with a simple form does not differ in appearance from a shoulder bag, and is equally elegant. You can carry it on your shoulder, and if you choose a model with additional pockets, you will surely fit all your important documents inside.


A4 bag

Bags that fit the size of an A4 sheet of paper are very popular among ladies working in an office, as they can easily fit all important documents and devices such as a tablet. A4 size bags usually have a strap that can be put over the shoulder and additional pockets inside. Some models have one compartment inside, thanks to which we can put an organizer inside, allowing us to better arrange all the things we need. It is a good solution when we often change our bags and we do not want to forget about any important thing while repacking. Organizers have the form of zippered vanity cases, which have various useful compartments, for example, for the phone or cosmetics. Such a bag will surely serve us longer than one season and will be suitable for the office.

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