Learn in which order to apply your skin care products!

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Daily face care has become a ritual for you and you do it instinctively, without thinking about the order of applying cosmetics? This is a mistake! Find out in which order you should apply your skin care products so that they work best for you

Does the order of application matter?

Daily face care is very important. Unfortunately, during this routine, we tend to overlook the importance of the order in which we apply our skin care products. Hollywood stars such as Beyonce and Margot Robbie can inspire us in this regard. It is best for the skin to start with a product that has the lightest formula and leave the heaviest ones for last.

From the lightest to the heaviest cosmetic products

Light cosmetic products, such as serums and emulsions, should be used first. Why? Because this way they can be completely absorbed by the skin, even before applying heavier creams. If we were to reverse the order, the result would be that light cosmetic formulas could not break through the occlusive barrier (it is the barrier that protects our skin), which is created on the skin by heavy creams or oils. And in such a situation, their application no longer makes sense, because they will not work as intended

Why is the order of application of cosmetics important?

The order of application of skin care products is important for several reasons. Let’s start with the fact that this is the only way to guarantee the high effectiveness of the product used. Properly selected cosmetics do not block the effects of each other, and more importantly, it is the active substances contained in them, have the opportunity to sufficiently absorb and penetrate into the skin. Gradual application of products allows to avoid overloading the skin, resulting in, for example, oily skin. Properly applied skin care products will ensure good condition of our complexion

In what order should I apply face care products?

The first step in applying any cosmetics is to cleanse your face thoroughly. There are many methods, for example you can use just a gel or foam, or extend this ritual with facial cleansing oils. For a better effect of cleansing your complexion it is worth to perform a scrub 1-2 times a week. This procedure will cleanse the skin of dead cells and stimulate it to rebuild. For people with acne-prone and vascular skin, enzymatic peeling is the best solution because it is more delicate for the epidermis

After cleansing the skin, it is necessary to use a tonic, because it is a product that will restore the natural pH of the skin. Reaching for a toner is an important step in your skin care ritual. Then, when your skin needs to use anti-acne cosmetics, this is the best time to apply them topically, because when applied before other products, they will work best.

Now it is the turn of the serum. It is a cosmetic of light consistency, therefore, when applying it, we do not overload the skin. This product contains a lot of active ingredients, which will have a chance to penetrate deep into the skin and regenerate it. We should remember that we do not have to use serum every day. And it differs from other cosmetics in that it contains more active substances. Using this cosmetic 2-3 times a week is completely sufficient. Which serum should I choose? It is best to choose one that corresponds to the current needs of your skin and the problems you have.

Like serums, creams should also be tailored to your skin type and needs. Choose one with the most natural composition possible. Applying a cream to your face after using a serum will allow the active ingredients to be retained deep within the skin and enhance their effect. And regardless of the type of skin, the cream should have a moisturizing effect!

Thus prepared skin, is properly nourished and moisturized, and this means that it is ready for the next stage, which is the application of daily makeup.

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