5 fashionable makeup ideas for a party

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Are you going to a party? Go wild with your make-up! Check out the trends that will make you feel beautiful and have a great evening.

Make-up for parties gives you confidence

Even if you usually wear very subtle make-up, when you go to a party it’s worth going a bit wilder. Colors are in! These creative make-up choices definitely give you confidence and are a great complement to your outfit. We tell you what to bet on to make your make-up look perfect for the party!

Eye Make-up: Go for Colour

When it comes to eye make-up the color craziness is greatest. Here it is worth betting on a variety of eye shadow palettes, which will allow us to conjure up a divine makeup

It is worth to have in your makeup bag at least one palette with different colors, which can be combined into a perfect whole. A great idea is always the smoky eye makeup – with accent colors it looks great. If you have green eyes, try shades in purple or plum. If you have brown eyes, cobalt eyeshadows work well.

Blue accents on the eyelid

It’s in! If you want a colorful accent on your eyelid, but not necessarily shadows, look for colored eyeliners. An absolute hit is the blue one, which you will find in the offers of many cosmetic brands.

Blue eyeliner is a great addition to your eye makeup. You can use it to finish off your eye make-up or you can use it to line your eyes with an eye liner. This will also look fantastic. Make-up artists all agree that blue eyeliner is this season’s party make-up hit.

A glowing complexion

Do you want to look your best? Then use… highlighter! Highlighted skin is a very strong trend for both daytime and evening makeup. But it seems to be perfect for a party.

If you’re following the make-up news, be sure to stock up on highlighter and don’t regret it before you leave the house. You’ll be the queen of the ball!

Make-up for your lips the French way

Did you know that French women love red lipstick? Sometimes it’s all they need for their entire make-up. Today we suggest going for a French chic look.

Red lipstick will be the perfect choice when it comes to a party lip color. It can be matte or in a shinier form, as you prefer. Other colors that will work great when it comes to lip makeup for a party? The amazing fuchsia of course! With a make-up like this, you won’t go unnoticed. That’s for sure

Strong makeup for a party

This is a question that especially those girls who don’t wear strong makeup on a daily basis have a problem with. Will they feel comfortable in conspicuous makeup? Remember that any make-up, which seems strong to us, looks much more delicate in photos. Besides, when to go crazy with makeup, if not precisely during the party?

Of course, don’t force it. If you prefer to wear subtle make-up, that’s great too. However, we encourage you to use at least one color accent. Maybe a different eye shadow color than usual or a blue eyeliner is an idea for you? Trust yourself and follow the trends at the same time. We wish you a lot of fun!

Main Photo: NoWah BartscherHire/unsplash.com

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