Scandinavian style vs. French style – which fits you?

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Both France and Scandinavia are great places to get fashion, interior design and lifestyle inspiration from. How do these two trends in the world of fashion differ from each other? Which one suits you better?

French nonchalance and elegance or Scandinavian minimalism and ecological, conscious choices? These two styles are very different from each other, just like Parisians and Copenhageners are different. However, both have great style. What makes these two European fashion trends stand out?

Scandinavian style – what do you need to know about it?

Secrets of Scandinavian style

Fashion from the north of Europe is growing in popularity every year. Certainly, the fame is due to the ability of Scandinavians to combine fashion with functional and comfortable solutions. If you appreciate looking great but don’t like putting on fancy cuts and uncomfortable clothing models, then this style is for you!

What distinguishes the Scandinavian style?

Certainly minimalism plays a huge role in both fashion and interior design. Scandinavians perfectly implement the less is more principle. Although their styles are not flashy, it is impossible to pass by them indifferently. Thanks to that you do not have to work hard to look elegant, modern and fashionable. This effect is easiest to achieve by choosing classic, timeless models of clothes that always look great. The task becomes easier when we use a narrower color palette for our outfits. Northerners usually choose monochromatic colors and opt for black, white, beige and sometimes pastels. A great solution are recently very fashionable total looks, i.e. outfits in which all elements are in one color. In Scandinavian style, the quality of clothes, shoes and accessories is also important. Minimalism is manifested by a small number of things, which, however, combine well with each other and create a coherent whole

What are the staples of a Scandinavian style closet?

If you want to incorporate elements of northern fashion into your styling, you should have a few basic pieces in your closet. First of all, it is the classic, always fashionable white shirt. It is a great base for original and elegant looks. It looks great when combined with jeans, pencil skirts, and even for less formal outings with short shorts. Another element that will be perfect in autumn is a woolen coat with a simple, classic cut. It is warm, and at the same time looks great. In your closet, it is also worth having black tights, a well-cut jacket, a pair of fashionable heavy boots and a few basic shirts and sweaters

French style – why is it so special?

Why do we all want to be like Parisians?

French women are masters of nonchalance and elegance. Their carefree and casual attitude is so inspiring that we eagerly look at their fashion choices. The key to a great look is timelessness of clothes and seeing beauty in imperfections. French it-girls are characterized by looking great, even though they don’t look like they just got out of bed. French style is unpretentious playing with fashion, confidence, naturalness, discretion and delicacy. If you identify with this style, do not mindlessly chase trends and give up fast fashion for your own style.

The pillars of French style

Strong women play an important role in the world of French fashion. Confident, fulfilling dreams and setting trends for the whole world. Certainly Coco Chanel, Brigitte Bardot, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jeanne Damas can be called icons. Although their styles and ways of dressing differed from each other, they all had in common unforced elegance and undeniable charm. Each of them taught women something different about fashion and style

French women’s closet – what inspires in it?

What elements of French fashion are worth having in your closet? Certainly those things, which perfectly emphasize femininity, self-confidence and style. Of great importance is the quality of chosen clothes and accessories, thanks to which our closet looks great for years. Inspired by the style of French streets, you can confidently buy a white shirt made of natural fabric, fitted jeans and a timeless little black dress. For those who like a more rebellious and rock style, a leather jacket will be perfect.

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