Knitted dresses for fall – how to style them?

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If you like dresses, then in the cold autumn days knitted dresses seem to be the best solution. They perfectly emphasize the feminine shapes and hide the flaws of the figure. It can be styled in many different ways.

How to look fashionable in a knit dress?

Don’t have an idea for autumn styling? Here are some suggestions on how to look striking in a knit dress

  1. Short knit dress with accessories

This set is aimed at all women who want to look elegant and sexy. Knitted models look best in caramel, beige, dark brown, pastel pink or dove gray. Light-colored short dresses go well with transparent tights, while darker ones go well with black stockings. The whole outfit will be emphasized with expressive accents, such as heavy boots. Currently fashionable are boots with thick soles, similar to trappers, and those with wide heels. Musketeer boots will also go well with this outfit. Shoes made of suede or nubuck work well with such styling. They do not have to be black. You can go wild and wear caramel, red or even red shoes with a dress! The whole look will be complemented with a wide-bottomed handbag or a small backpack nonchalantly thrown over your shoulder

  1. The delicate dress in the predatory version

The tight knit dress is associated with the 1990s. It was then that Gianni Versace presented them on the catwalks. Almost all top models fell in love with them. They reigned supreme at parties, on the walls and on the red carpet. Contrary to appearances, they were delicate and modest. Knitted dresses had a tube cut with turtlenecks, and their length reached past the knee. Today, similar pieces are available in many clothing stores. An iconic style is a light-colored knee-length dress combined with a short black ramones, delicate heeled boots and a silver chain around the neck. Match this look with long earrings. What hairstyles go well with this outfit? The best hairstyles are loosened, slightly wavy or tied in a high ponytail. The latter hairstyle nicely frames your face and exposes your jewelry. A small, classic handbag completes the look. The bag may be in the same color as the rest of your outfit or, on the contrary, it may be an element that breaks the monotony of your outfit. What colors work perfectly in this case? A black dress paired with red accessories is undoubtedly a classic. A burgundy or magenta dress paired with a dark ramone jacket will also look good. The colors of autumn are definitely reddish red mixed with black or beige or mustard blue. Despite appearances, styling in these colors looks phenomenal

  1. Wide coat and oversize knit dress

Knitted dresses are available in many cuts and styles, so they are actually very easy to style. Although knitted dresses are usually fitted, we can also bet on an oversize dress. Among them there are those completely loose, with a “stretched” neckline or with sleeves in the style of a bat. In the autumn, oversize dresses look good in bright colors such as red, yellow or orange. They form the basis of an outfit, to which interesting accessories can be added. Colorful knitted dresses look great with black boots on thick soles. Shoes may be decorated with silver elements such as studs or buckles. Although they are not the smallest size, they look great in such a combination.

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