Summer clothes in autumn styles. We suggest how to put them together

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The days are getting colder, so it is no wonder that we are slowly putting away our summer clothes to make way for autumn sweaters in our closet. There are, however, some items of clothing that you can easily add to your outfit even on colder days.

It is time to put your new season closet in order!

The summer holidays are coming to an end, although some of us are glad about that – after all, autumn has its charms too, right? If you are preparing your closet for the new season, it is worth considering whether you really need to put all your summer clothes away until next year

Dividing your closet into spring-summer and autumn-winter makes sense, but the ideal solution is to skillfully combine clothes and accessories. Just as on a cool summer evening your favorite autumn sweater will come in handy, in the fall you can also reach for some clothes you like to wear in July or August. Which clothes are worth looking at differently? Let’s have a look together!

Summer dresses with an autumn twist – we’re all for it

First up are the summer dresses. Lacy clothes, often in trendy boho style, which look perfect with your favorite sandals or straw hat. You might as well wear them in autumn – seriously! Of course, you need to make some adjustments.

Open legs in October are not a very good idea in our climate. But juxtaposing a boho holiday dress with a cute autumn sweater looks perfect. To this suede boots, scarf … And great boho styling ready. It is also worth to think about oversized sweater. In such a set you will look like a celebrity.

Underwear top perfect for all seasons

Another outfit, which will be perfect not only in summer, but also on colder days, is a lingerie top. Finished with sensual lace shoulder blouse is a real hit of summer stylizations, but not only

In autumn, when combined with a warm cardigan, it will also look perfect. Add jeans and stylish boots – we simply love such outfits. Underwear top is a must-have also in autumn and winter, so do not hide it at the bottom of your closet.

Opt for white jeans

White jeans are something that every girl wants to wear in summer and spring. It goes without saying that these pants have that certain something. Classic or with trendy fraying or holes – they always give a wow effect! They are also definitely suitable for autumn styles.

Here again, we have to refer to the combination with an oversized sweater. It follows that such a sweater perfectly combines with virtually all clothes taken out of your summer closet. There’s probably something to it! In autumn, bet on white jeans also in combination with a denim shirt. This combination will make you feel fashionable and comfortable.

Basic T-shirts for every season!

There is no need to convince anyone here. Basic t-shirts are perfect for every season – it is worth to have a few of them in your closet and match them with different clothes. White basic t-shirt will look just as good with jeans shorts as with long pants and cardigan. T-shirt basic is a real must-have, whether it’s January or August

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