5 accessories to make you feel like a stylish French woman!

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French women are known for their great sense of style. Whether they are going to an important meeting or just to the store, their look always inspires admiration. We tell you what to do to feel like them!

Every fashion lover knows that no one has the same style as the French women. But it is enough to take care of a few timeless and unique accessories, which will make us look like them!

1. Gold or gold-plated necklace

As we all know, fashion is always changing. Many trends in clothing and jewelry disappear as quickly as they appear. However, French women have a feeling and know what classics will remain for years and will always be up to date. This is why the basic decoration they reach for is a gold or gold-plated necklace. Thin chains with not too large pendants, or celebratory necklaces, are a hit to have in your casket

2. Retro glasses

Parisian women love retro glasses and never go anywhere without them (even in winter!). This small accessory of various appearances – colored glasses, curved frames, etc. – can add character to any style

3. Circle Earrings

Circle earrings are a classic that French women simply adore. This kind of jewelry is very versatile and you can wear it for any occasion. They can be thick, thin, tiny or very large – so there is something for everyone!

4. Rings

Polish women often wear only an engagement ring and a wedding ring, while French women, on the contrary, can have sparkles on every finger. Parisian women love especially delicate rings decorated with small precious stones. A few of these sparkles on one hand and a French manicure is their favorite choice

5. Scarf

Parisian women make sure that the neckerchiefs they wear take on a bit of a jewelry touch. They wear them as headbands, bracelets or traditionally around the neck. They also sometimes tie them to their handbags

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