Kate Moss – nonchalance with aplomb

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Kate Moss is an undisputed style icon. For years, the model has shown how to look feminine and feisty at the same time. The styles she chooses are a perfect reflection of her unruly personality.

The British model is one of the most recognizable and influential figures in the fashion world. Her career, apart from cooperation with the best, participation in the most prestigious fashion shows and advertising campaigns, was full of scandals and controversies. Her extremely daring photo shoots, as well as her lush private life, have always generated enormous publicity. Sex, drugs & rock’n’roll” is a perfect description of Kate Moss because she is a specialist in shocking and breaking the rules. And what does she love most about fashion?

Rock’n’roll first and foremost

There is no mistaking Kate Moss’s style for anyone else’s. She usually dresses casually and combines nonchalance and casualness with rock chick flair. What is more, she has been consistent in this for years. There is no doubt that she loves black – it is the color which appears most often in her outfits. However, her black total looks are not monotonous but rather diverse and feisty.

The model is also known for her liking to show off her legs. For this purpose, she especially wears short denim shorts or tight trousers. The latter, in the classic black or denim version, she wears so often that she has been called the unofficial ambassador of this type of pants. She has also been seen many times wearing the very fashionable in recent years leather trousers, which perfectly match her style. Another element of her closet that often accompanies her is a black leather jacket, which emphasizes her rock and wild temperament. Make-up like black eyeliner or smokey eyes and a dishevelled hairstyle complete the unmistakable Kate Moss look.

Despite the Rules

Kate Moss likes to complement her outfits with a variety of different outfits. Apart from the aforementioned leather jacket, she opts for long loose coats and one of her favourite items of clothing, i.e. blazers. She wears them in many versions, from tailored to oversized. But do not be fooled: A jacket by Kate is never about classic elegance. She rather matches it with a loose T-shirt with a print, slim-fit pants and high-heeled shoes

The model also looks great in ultra-feminine suits. Her fashion weakness are furs, including natural ones, with which she has been causing controversy and waves of protest for years. Apparently, this does not make an impression on her because she still likes to wear these warm coats. Her collection also includes camouflage coats, which make her look even more predatory.

In a non-standard version

Kate is always faithful to the classics, but she certainly likes to surprise. In particular, she is no stranger to boho styles. Airy skirts, original jackets, and tassels are just some of the characteristics of the next style of the British lady. She also likes to wear cowboy boots or suede boots. Slightly more “polite” clothes do not take away her distinctiveness. Accessories such as a leather handbag, a belt with a heavy buckle, and red lipstick seem to do the trick.

A note of elegance

A good opportunity to get a feel for Kate Moss’ style is certainly when she goes on a formal outing. The model knows exactly how to draw attention to herself on the red carpet. She can be called the queen of the little black dress, which she always wears with great ease and sensitivity. She also often opts for a classic look. She accentuates it with more powerful accessories. She also loves to shine, which is confirmed by her phenomenal golden outfits. Stiletto heels are an indispensable part of her evening outfits, preferably those with red soles. One thing is certain, she must be feminine, sexy and different from everyone else.

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