Alexa Chung – find out the tricks of the British style icon

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Alexa Chung is well known in Britain, but she is also gaining popularity in other regions of the world. The young British woman remains one of the best-dressed women in the world. Why is her style so eagerly imitated by so many women? Discover the tricks of the British style icon.

Today’s Style Icon

Alexa Chung is considered a modern style icon by many women. Many women from all over the world follow her new fashion styles with interest. No wonder she inspires her fans and her sense of style and professionalism is proven by her numerous awards. The English-born model has already won the British Fashion Awards Style Icon Award three times. Chung has also collaborated with many well-known fashion brands such as Marks & Spencer and AG Jeans. Alexa also made her debut as a designer by launching her own brand called Alexachung. It offers clothes literally pulled from Alexa’s closet, meaning that each design reflects exactly what the model herself likes to wear.

Girlish, but with flair

Alexa Chung’s style is girly and light, yet a bit feisty and rocker-like. She perfectly combines elegance with a touch of artistic nonchalance and inspires many women.

The phenomenon of her hairstyles also lies in the fact that she skilfully combines various simple concepts.

No matter what she decides to wear, the result is always the same – classy in itself and looks as if she put no effort into it. The great thing about her hairstyles is that she does not deny herself chain-store clothes in favour of designer clothes from top designers. What is more, she knows how to mix and match them.

Fashion tricks of the British style icon: the base part of her closet

With the winter season upon us, let’s start with the coat. Alexa believes that the right coat is essential. To go with the coat, a pair of denim jeans and a simple t-shirt would be perfect. It’s a perfect everyday look. A navy blue sweater is also a good base for an autumn outfit. The over-the-head sweater is currently the trendiest thing you can have in your closet, although many people still consider it to be an unfashionable part of clothing. Alexa gave it a second life and many women followed her example.

The model also loves forgotten pieces of clothing from the 1990s, such as knitted sweaters. Alexa is able to find potential in items of clothing that do not have much promise. She wears pink because the color is great for illuminating the face and adds softness, especially for ladies with sharp facial features

The white t-shirt is the outfit element that Alexa loves to match with other clothes. What goes well with it? In combination with a trapeze mini, ballet shoes and a clutch bag, it will give us an elegant but not stiff look. And of course, romantic dresses. Flowing dresses of different lengths are an essential part of Chung’s style. They go great with the timeless classic, a simple blazer. Alexa also loves to “romance” the men’s closet. For this reason, she often reaches for wide cut pants and loose jackets. She also opts for a suit. To break up the strictness of her masculine outfits, she adds feminine touches in the form of red lipstick, stilettos and shiny jewelry.

Alexa appreciates and uses the power of details. For example, she accentuates her classic but rather loose overalls with a wide belt. She often uses fabric belts instead of classic buckle belts, tying them in a bow. The WOW effect is guaranteed. Such styles presented by British journalists and models immediately recall the style of decades past. Also attracting attention are the pumps, which she chooses to wear with a square toe. They are exactly the same as those worn by Coco Chanel herself. This is in a class of its own.

Alexa is also a fan of clothes with collars, especially when they are combined with slits in blouses at the neckline. She adds classic jeans and lace-up stiletto heels. The outfit is quite daring but perfect for a night out with friends.

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