Lily-Rose Depp – what is the Chanel star’s phenomenon?

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Lily-Rose Depp is the daughter of one of the most popular actors in the world – Johnny Depp and model and actress – Vanessa Paradis. For years she has been the subject of interest of the world media. What made Lily-Rose famous?

Lily-Rose Depp was born on May 17, 1999 in Paris. 3 years later, her brother – John III was born into the world. Their parents – Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis separated in 2012. Lily-Rose is multi-talented. She is a budding model, plays and sings. As for the former, her adventure with the world of fashion began in April 2015, when she posed for the popular Australian magazine Oyster. The photos for this shoot were taken by Maggie Silverman and Dana Boulos. Johnny Depp’s daughter was then spotted by the world famous E! News. In 2015, at the age of 16, she became the youngest ever face of the now iconic fashion house Chanel and became Karl Lagerfeld’s muse. The girl appeared in haute couture shows and sat in the front rows together with her mother. Karl Lagerfeld emphasized that Lily-Rose belongs to a new generation of stars.

However, she is not only a model, but also an actress. She began her adventure with cinema with an episodic role in the film “Fang”, which was written especially for her by her friend’s father – Kevin Smith. Later, he created its spin-off titled “Yoga Horses”, focusing on the characters played by his daughter and Lily-Rose. In 2015, Vanessa Paradis’ daughter starred in Rebecca Zlotowski’s Plantetarium and Stephanie Di Giusto’s La danseuse

Beauty tricks from Lily-Rose Depp

As an influencer, Lily-Rose Depp enjoys sharing beauty tricks with her followers. Watching her mom, Vanessa Paradis, she learned how to take care of her beauty from a young age. How does Lily-Rose take care of her skin and hair on a daily basis? What does her make-up look like? Johnny Depp’s daughter admits that the make-up she wears for photo shoots and fashion shows is very intense and revealing, so she tries to keep her make-up to a minimum on a daily basis. If any imperfections appear on her skin, she covers them up with a small amount of concealer. To brighten up her face, she reaches for the Joues Contraste blush by Chanel, for which she is the ambassador. This cosmetic is also often used by her mother. It is a very versatile product that can be applied on the cheeks, the eyelids and the tip of the nose.

How does Lily-Rose Depp take care of her hair? The young model and actress does not colour her hair on a daily basis. She does not dye her hair to keep it naturally soft and supple but prefers to wear a wig when she wants to go a little wilder. Lily-Rose focuses on natural hair care. She keeps the use of styling products to a minimum. Once a week, she applies coconut oil and leaves it on her hair overnight. The result is healthy, shiny, moisturised hair

What does Lily-Rose Depp smell like? While working on the campaign for Chanel No.5 L’Eau perfume, she fell in love with the scent. She uses it both for everyday and for big outings. It is one of those products that must always be in her makeup bag.

How does Lily-Rose take care of her figure? Her slim figure is a genetic thing. Since one sport is too boring for her, she likes to combine several different activities, such as running and dancing.

When Lily-Rose Depp wants to look stunning on the red carpet, she enlists the help of her make-up artist friend Christophe Danchaud. He has also worked with her mother Vanessa Paradis for years.

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