5 knit dresses perfect for the fall/winter season!

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Colder days and unpleasant weather outside the window are no reason to give up wearing dresses. Just choose models made of warm materials and fabrics

Ideally suited for autumn styling will be knitted dresses, which are perfectly matched with woolen coats and long boots or very fashionable cowboy boots. Such an outfit perfectly protects against the cold and at the same time allows you to look sensational

How to choose a stylish knitted dress to look and feel good in it? What should be taken into account when choosing this cut? Not only should the dress be warm and made of high-quality material, its length, color and type are equally important. Much depends on individual tastes and the type of figure. We have prepared a list of 5 interesting knitted dresses that will surely meet your expectations!

5 stunning dresses for autumn and winter

  1. Warm dress made of thick cotton

There are some clothes that are perfect for cold and windy days. One of such models is definitely a dress made of thick cotton, which is worth having in your closet. It is best if the dress will reach to mid-calf, then it looks fashionable with boots, cowboy boots and autumn boots. It is important that the material adheres nicely to the silhouette. It is worth betting on high quality cotton, which does not deform or stretch after washing. The best choice are dresses made by Polish manufacturers

  1. Minimalist box dress

A great choice for fall will be a minimalist dress with a boxy cut. Its biggest advantage is that it is simple, so it fits a variety of styles. Another plus is that the dress is loose and does not restrict movement. At the same time it looks very stylish both in a casual look and dressed up for special occasions. A characteristic feature of this cut is that it cleverly emphasizes the charms and conceals the imperfections of the figure. This is a dress which is perfect as an outfit for work, but also worn on a date or to the theater

  1. Knitted midi and maxi dress

If we like to follow fashion and have clothes inspired by high fashion, we can not miss the knitted midi or maxi dress. These are extremely feminine cuts of autumn dresses that look very elegant and refined. The most proven are simple models, which go beautifully with large earrings, patterned necklaces and belts with designer buckles. For those who prefer looser cuts, an interesting option may be oversize dresses, which with boots or boots will be a sensational combination

  1. Elegant dress with turtleneck

A perfect dress for work can be a knitted dress with a turtleneck. Recommended for winter days are sweater dresses covered with herringbone or braided embossing. Such a dress combined with stilettos can be a great style for Christmas. It is comfortable, warm and at the same time very elegant. For those who prefer more expressive models, dresses with ornaments in the form of gold buttons, delicate pearls or buffet sleeves will work well

  1. Oversized mini dress

An oversized mini dress is a great option for any autumn or winter outfit. This cut beautifully exposes the legs, so you can wear it with fashionable high-heeled boots or knee-high musketeers. People who do not like tight, clinging models, will feel great in a dress with a trapezoidal cut. Beautiful are models that have sleeves decorated with ruffles at the shoulders. The prettiest look dresses in classic colors, which are perfect as an everyday outfit

Main photo: Kira auf der Heide/unsplash.com

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