Linda Tol – street style icon from Amsterdam

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Linda Tol

Dark glasses, simple shapes and short blonde hair are the hallmarks of Linda Tol, a popular blogger from Amsterdam. What is her style? We have checked.

The Beginnings of Her Career

Linda Tol is a well-known fashion influencer, blogger and trend watcher from Amsterdam. She started her career in the industry in 2008 when she became a public relations specialist. She quickly made a name for herself as a stylist. Her unique and distinct style did not go unnoticed.

The national media became interested in her boyish looks and androgynous combinations. Combined with her interesting personality and characteristic short blonde hair, Linda took her first steps on the international fashion scene in 2011. She was also invited to appear at big shows and events. Thus, she earned her name as a Dutch street style icon.

Linda Tol’s growing popularity

Linda Tol skillfully balances classic and casual style with a masculine flair. Since 2013, she has been sharing not only her daily outfits but also beauty tips on her blog, “Linda Tol | I believe in pink”. She also publishes details of her new projects and travel inspirations.

In the meantime, she has been featured in international magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle and Glamour. This has made her even more recognizable.

Among her achievements, we can also enumerate her cooperation with the “Metro” newspaper and the Dutch version of the Glamour internet portal, as well as her contract with the L’oreal Paris brand, under which she became the aforementioned trend observer, but this time in the beauty segment. Although she lives permanently in Amsterdam, she visited Italy frequently until she became a contributing editor for “Glamour Italia” and other foreign magazines.

She has also been active on her social media for several years. Her profile on Instagram is watched by almost half a million people.

Linda Tol is also the owner of Tol Eyewear, a company that mainly offers high-quality sunglasses, handmade in Italy. The brand has become a hit, and she sells her designs through the prestigious Fashion Operandi platform and The Frankie Shop boutique, among others.

What is Linda Tol’s style like?

Linda Tol is the epitome of street style, very practical, comfortable and distinctive. She skillfully uses the Scandinavian approach of simple cuts and natural fabrics.

What is immediately striking when looking at her outfits is her sunglasses. She prefers to wear geometrically shaped, quite large ones. Not only can you hide your sleeplessness behind them, which, especially for a young mom, is not unusual, but they can also spice up any outfit, even the most modest and minimalist.

Her closet is quite calm and subdued. It is dominated by whites, blacks, warm beiges and browns, reds and bottle greens. Sometimes a color accent appears in the form of intense red, yellow or purple, mostly in accessories, such as bags. This color palette allows you to easily compose a timeless closet, perfect for any time of year. Of course, there can also be no lack of denim, which she wears not only on a daily basis, but also in more formal stylings.

Linda Tol’s style is also based on the “onion” principle. The influencer dresses in layers, plays with proportions and textures, moving within the mentioned colors. She is able to combine elements that at first glance do not match. She is particularly fond of suits, which, depending on the day, she wears in an elegant version or, on the contrary, with a scaled-down coat and fashionable shoes on thick soles or with a turtleneck or vest.

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