Do you know these queens of street style?

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Street style best reflects the tastes of big city dwellers. There is a reason why it is the object of interest of fashion editors all over the world. Which queens of street style are worth knowing?

Stephanie Broek

Stephanie Broek lives in Rotterdam. She is a big fan of vintage fashion and is inspired by clothes and accessories from decades ago in every outfit. Stephanie loves to visit flea markets, where she finds real gems. She willingly wears oversized suits, extravagant dresses and shoes, thanks to which she conquered Instagram. The trademark of this creative girl are big glasses with silver frames.

Sonia Lyson

Another interesting representative of street fashion, who fantastically mixes different styles, not forgetting about what is currently in vogue. We are of course talking about Sonia Lyson. The German trendsetter is a big fan of big glasses, down jackets, oversized dresses and pants. She is not afraid of bold color combinations and plays with form. Her instagram account is a mine of brilliant ideas for outfits for the urban jungle and beyond

Xenia Adonts

Xenia Adonts is a beautiful influencer from Hamburg who always looks stylish and feminine – whether she’s wearing a fitted dress or a loose, masculine jacket. There is a good reason why she is often featured on the covers of fashion magazines. Her style is appreciated by many experts in the fashion industry. We can often see her in loose, exaggerated shirts and suits that she is not afraid to match with typically sporty shoes. The basis of her outfits is comfort combined with a touch of nonchalance.

Josefine Haaning Jensen

Fans of eclecticism should take a closer look at the stylings of Josefine Haaning Jensen – the undisputed Danish queen of street style. She is keen on unisex solutions, juggling freely between men’s and women’s pieces of clothing. Her looks exude confidence, strength, practicality and modernity – she loves tracksuits, simple suits, leather jackets and heavy jewelry.

Tamara Kalinic

Tamara Kalinic is a trendsetter from London who looks stunning in literally everything. Her styles are ultra-feminine, and she often wears stilettos and elegant dresses. However, she mixes feminine elements with masculine ones whenever she feels like it. Tamara’s closet includes pleated skirts, silk shirts, as well as oversized suits, boyfriend pants, colorful jackets and handbags from famous designers

Camille Charriere

One last influencer who gets a lot of attention strolling the streets is Camille Charriere. She is originally from France, but currently lives in London. She is a fashion icon who perfectly mixes French style with the street fashion typical for the English capital. Her looks are non-stylish, nonchalant and authentic. Camille never looks overdressed. Each of us would certainly find something for herself in her closet. Her trademarks are immortal blue jeans, white shirts and striped blouses. We can often see her in dungarees and trenches (not only in the classic beige shade).

We hope that the featured fashion influencers prove to be an endless source of inspiration for you and encourage you to play with fashion.

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