Emma Stone’s Best Styles in Cruella

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on May 18 in Los Angeles the premiere of the film Cruella took place. During this special evening, Emma Stone playing the title role could not be missing.

As soon as the first trailer of the film appeared online, fashion fans went crazy. It was immediately clear that it will be a real fashion feast. Costume designer Jenny Beavan, makeup artist and hair stylist Nadia Stacey, and of course the talented Emma Stone, who always impresses with her red carpet creations, worked on the set of the film

What is the film Cruella about?

Probably everyone as a child watched the fairy tale “101 Dalmatians”, in which the evil character was eccentric Cruella de Mon. After many years it was decided to make a film adaptation with Cruella in the leading role. The film tells about the rebellious beginnings of the legendary fashion designer Cruella de Mon

The Disney film is set in London in the 1970s when the punk rock style prevailed. Jenny Beavan, who was responsible for the striking costumes in the film, reveals in an interview what inspired her

I lived in London in the 1970s. Admittedly, I was more interested in theater than fashion at the time, but I remember what I wore. I couldn’t afford Vivienne Westwood or even Biba. There was a lot of inspiration for the film – I looked at pictures of Westwood, Nina Hagen, the Bodymap collection and Alexander McQueen.

Cruella tells the story of what happened before the cartoon “101 Dalmatians”. It is the story of Estella, a creative girl who dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer. One day Estella’s talent is spotted by Baroness von Hellman, a fashion legend played by Emma Thompson. Meeting these two women will influence Estelle to such an extent that she becomes the vicious, revengeful Cruella.

Stunning performances by Cruella

Emma Stone appeared in the movie in 47 styles. Cruella’s color palette is mainly black and white with elements of gray and red. We cannot overlook Cruella’s distinctive black and white hair. One of the most spectacular creations in the film is Cruella’s red ball gown

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