Look gorgeous in a kaftan at your African wedding!

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If you’re planning an African-themed wedding, you will want to include some traditional African attire for yourself and your bridal party. Traditionally, women wear colourful kaftans that flow out as they move and men wear beautifully embroidered robes and turbans. These outfits are great choices because they are both beautiful and comfortable; you can dance all night in them! Here are some tips to help you find the perfect kaftan or boubou for your big day.

What is a Kaftan?

A Kaftan is an elegant, flowing dress that is perfect for any formal occasion. It features a long skirt and can be worn with or without sleeves. The name comes from the Arabic word Kaft which means to drape. Kaftans are made of many different materials, but the most popular are cotton, polyester, silk and chiffon. As they can be dressed up or down depending on the event, they are perfect for weddings. They come in all styles and colours so it’s easy to find one that suits you. You might even want to consider wearing a colourful kaftan if you have a beach-themed wedding as the tropical colours will match well with the natural surroundings. 

Kaftans are versatile enough to wear not only during your special day but also afterwards when you want to show off how beautiful you looked on your big day. For instance, after exchanging vows you might change into something more comfortable before heading to the reception venue where it would be appropriate for guests (including yourself!) to wear more casual clothing such as shorts or jeans – make sure it’s still flattering!

Tips to Choose the Right Kaftan for You

Consider the following when picking out a kaftan for wedding

1. What season is the wedding taking place in? 

2. How formal is the event? 

3. Is there an ethnic theme to go with it? 

4. Do you want to show off your figure or hide it? 

5. Will you be wearing shoes or sandals or both? 

6. What accessories do you want to pair with it? 

7. What colour are you drawn to most? What colours compliment your skin tone? Is it too tight or too loose around the waist and hips? You might want to try on other styles, fabrics, and colours before making a decision. Take care of yourself by getting regular massages, exercising, and eating healthy foods so that you can enjoy this special occasion with grace and confidence!

main photo: unsplash.com/Cofohint Esin

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