We recall the 15 most important events in the fashion world of the past decade!

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The world around us is changing practically in the blink of an eye, and this also applies to the world of fashion. Over the last ten years there have been many breakthroughs in the fashion industry, which have set a new direction. The way women and men dress changes every season, but it is worth knowing what influenced the trends of the past decade

There has been a lot going on in the fashion world in recent years. New designers were successful, style icons strengthened their position. Great importance in the development of the industry gained the Internet. It is on the web where the first fashion blogs were created and social media developed. Check out 15 significant events, shows or campaigns that have influenced the fashion world in the past 10 years

Summary of the past decade in the world of fashion

  1. Fashion that supports feminist values

The fight for women’s rights has been significant in the fashion industry. Some have accused designers of treating female models as objects, but over the years, it is clear that attitudes towards women have changed. Back in 2014, fashion house Chanel held a show where models walked the runway carrying banners with feminist slogans. This was a breakthrough that prompted many creatives to express their views through fashion. In many Dior shows one could see symbols referring to the emancipation of women

  1. Fashion shows organized on a grand scale

Over the past 10 years, fashion shows have become true artistic events. The creators of fashion shows were trying their best to create unique atmosphere and unforgettable climate that matched the style of a given collection. The pompous Dior show, when he presented his haute couture collections, or the last Marc Jacobs show for Louis Vuitton after 16 years of cooperation, will go down in history

  1. The importance of athleisure style

Fashion is no longer just an elegant form that works at posh parties and banquets. More and more often, designers create clothes that, in addition to looking great, are also supposed to be functional and useful. Hence the great popularity of the Scandinavian style, where the practicality of the outfit comes first

  1. Development of Polish fashion brands

Over the past years, Polish fashion brands have grown to become strong competitors for foreign companies. Poles themselves are more willing to buy in local boutiques and use the work of Polish designers. Many brands are also conquering European, Asian and American markets, such as underwear from Le Petit Trou or jewelry from Le Brand

  1. Tragedy in Rana Plaza

Unfortunately, significant events in the world of fashion are not just the glare and the spotlight. Of great importance for the textile industry was the tragedy of April 24, 2013 in Bangladesh. A building collapsed that was overcrowded and did not meet safety standards. Information was released to the public about the conditions under which clothes sold by chain stores are produced. After this event, both consumers and brands are trying to focus on sustainability and a responsible approach to production.

  1. An eco-friendly approach to fashion

More and more people over the past years have changed their approach to their shopping choices. We prefer to have fewer clothes, but better quality clothes that we can walk in for longer. Societies have started to care about the environment, so the way we choose our clothes has become more conscious. Mindless fast fashion is being effectively replaced by reduce, recycle and reuse

  1. Plus size models on the catwalks

In recent years a real transformation has taken place in the looks and size of the models who walk the catwalks. Fashion’s creation of a skinny figure as the ideal has been replaced by healthy and slim models. The breakthrough came in 2015, when girls working in the fashion industry were not allowed to have a BMI that was too low. There was also a ban on teenagers under the age of 16 walking in shows. Currently, no one is also shocked by a plus size model presenting collections of the biggest fashion houses, such as Versace

  1. The phenomenal Alessandro Michele

The most influential and amazing designer of recent years is undoubtedly Alessandro Michele. The creative director of the Gucci brand is able to create spectacular designs, is able to see the potential where it may seem impossible. He is distinguished by his passion for surprising combinations. Thanks to him, Italian eclecticism is experiencing a renaissance

  1. Difficult farewells

In the past decade, the fashion world was shaken by sad news. The first was the news of Alexander McQueen’s suicide, which hit the world on February 11, 2010. Amazing talent, crossing boundaries in fashion and unforgettable collections. The designer’s death came as a shock, but started a larger dialogue about depression and the pressures that creatives experience

A certain phase in the fashion industry world also ended with the death of Karl Lagerfeld, who was associated with the fashion house Chanel and Fendi. A genius, a visionary, mourned by millions

  1. Polish edition of Vogue

Polish fashion industry is more and more clearly marking its place in the fashion world. Undoubtedly, one of the most important fashion events in our country was the launch of the Polish edition of Vogue magazine

  1. The fashion world has taken to Instagram

Social media and especially Instagram play a huge role in shaping trends. Huge careers have been built by fashion bloggers who have had a significant impact on their audience. Many of them have become professional influencers with significant success. Every fashion brand, collection or campaign needs to be featured on Instagram to get noticed

  1. Recycled clothing

The specter of an environmental disaster has forced the fashion industry to look for brand new solutions in clothing production. No one is surprised anymore by vegan handbags or leggings made from plastic bottles

  1. A new version of femininity

Fashion of the last decade gave the word “sex appeal” a new meaning. Women no longer feel confident only in mini skirts and high heels. You can look equally feminine and interesting in blazers, women’s suits or jeans

  1. Fashion straight from Eastern Europe

Since 2015, designers coming from the former Eastern Bloc have become increasingly important in the fashion world. Their designs often refer to the aesthetics of the 1980s and 1990s, when access to Western clothing was severely limited. The designers were inspired by Soviet tower block housing estates where tracksuits were the order of the day. Fashion is an excellent way to tell many stories

  1. Huge successes of Polish top models

In the past decade several Polish women have made an international career in modeling. The most famous are of course Anja Rubik and Malgorzata Bela, who were the first Polish women with such significant success. Anna Jagodzińska, Monika Jagaciak and Zuzanna Bijoch are also doing well professionally

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