How to spend less time on your phone?

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Smartphones are an undeniable convenience these days. Most of us even can’t imagine life without it. Unfortunately, everything has its pros and cons.

In addition to making life easier, smartphones can bring addiction. For this reason, spending too much time on your phone is dangerous. From this article you will learn what to do to spend less time on your phone.

When does the problem start?

It is important to clarify a point – what does it mean to spend too much time on the phone? It can mean something different for everyone. It is worth watching the reactions of your loved ones. If they start telling you that you are paying too much attention to social media browsing or other smartphone entertainment, a red light should go on in your head. Ask yourself, are you neglecting relationships with loved ones and passions? The question of whether you are spending too much time on your phone can only be answered by yourself.

What can you do to spend less time on your phone?

Find a passion!

There is nothing better than a passion to which you are happy to devote time. Think quietly about whether there is something you enjoy doing. If not, try something new. Maybe you used to play an instrument or sing? See if there are instrumental or vocal lessons organized somewhere in your city. You can also sign up for dance lessons. How about a chess club? Options are plentiful, you’re sure to find something for you!

Start playing sports

Sports are great for our well-being, health and figure. Playing it will make you feel better, and on top of that you will find a way to use your free time! There are many different types of sports, so try and don’t get discouraged, because you’re sure to find something you feel great about. Is running not for you? Try swimming. Not fond of going to the gym? Exercise at home!

Swap your phone for a book

If you have a problem with using your phone too much, try reaching for a good book instead. People often struggle with using their phone before bed, which improperly affects the quality of sleep. Instead of browsing information on your smartphone, read a chapter of a book in the evening. 

Spend time with family and friends

Getting together with loved ones is a great way to spend your free time. You can talk, cook together or watch movies during this time. If you like – go out for a walk as well. However, remember to forget your phone for the duration of the meeting. It is best not to take it with you at all or put it far away from you.

Remember that using your phone too often can turn into an addiction. If you feel you have a problem with it that you can’t handle, reach out for help from a professional. Go for counseling with a psychologist who can advise you on what to do next. 

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