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TV series can be watched not only for entertainment or relaxation, but also for fashion inspiration. Some series characters have made their closet pieces to be worn all over the world and to be part of the latest trends

Carrie Bradshaw Tulle Skirt

Carrie Bradshaw is the heroine and narrator of the cult HBO series “Sex in the City”. The series itself tells about adventures of four friends living in New York. Carrie, who is a journalist of “New Yorker” magazine by profession, collects all the stories and describes them in a weekly column.

When Carrie Bradshaw appeared in a tulle skirt in one of the episodes of the series, fans went wild for the cut. To this day, women still choose tulle skirts for both big outings and everyday wear.

Tulle skirt is for women of all sizes. The key is just to choose the right cut. If you want to expose long and shapely legs in your styling, bet on tulle skirt with frills reaching to the knees. If you have a boyish figure without a well-defined waist and small hips, go for knee-length skirts, but avoid frills. The owners of more massive thighs should reach for tulle skirts that reach to the calves or ankles.

Blair Waldorf headband

“Gossip Girl” is another cult series that has gained a group of fans around the world. It tells the story of the students of a private school on the Upper East Side of New York City. The narrator of the whole story is the eponymous gossip – a mysterious blogger who hides her identity.

One of the main characters of the series is Blair, passionate about fashion and good style, a lover of shopping as a remedy for all problems. Blair always looked good, thanks to which she inspired many a fan. Her way of dressing is timeless, as evidenced by the popularity of the girl’s signature hair bands today

The hairband is an accessory suitable for any occasion. The classic models in plain colors can be worn for everyday outfits at school or work. However, the more elegant headbands with, for example, pearls are suitable for a night out.

Mom jeans by Monica Geller

The series ‘Friends’ probably does not need any introduction. The lives of a group of friends living in Manhattan are known to viewers all over the world. The series rapidly entered the world’s pop culture and its motif on T-shirts, sweatshirts and other gadgets is still popular today

Although each of the titular friends had their own distinctive style and there is plenty of inspiration to be drawn from each of them, Monica Geller’s way of dressing deserves special attention, especially her pants, commonly known as mom jeans.

Mom jeans is a model which is supposed to be slightly unsuited to our figure. They look great on tall and slim people, with a typically boyish figure. Beware of women with wide hips, because this type of pant may widen the figure even more.

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