The best fashion movies for long autumn evenings

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Autumn is the perfect time to awaken the cinephile in you and catch up on movies. The autumn weather outside the window is conducive to hole up at home, and this by no means has to involve boredom. A good idea to pass the time is to organize a movie marathon with friends, preferably in one thematic block, for example, movies with fashion in the background. Meet some titles that will make you break away from the autumn reality of stretched sweaters for a while and enter the world of fashion.

Thinking of movies with fashion in the background, such iconic titles as “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Sex in the City” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” immediately come to mind. What else does the X muse have to offer?

“McQueen” (2018)

The documentary film “McQueen” is a picture devoted to the life and work of Alexander McQueen, an outstanding designer, avant-gardist and rebel, who permanently left his mark on the fashion world. The picture “McQueen” shows the path of a sixteen-year-old from a London indigent family, dropping out of school to start learning tailoring, who, thanks to years of hard work and determination, reaches the point where he performed more than a dozen shows a year and took the fashion industry by storm. 

The documentary is based on archival video footage, where the stories of people from the designer’s closest circle, his friends and colleagues are interspersed with footage documenting the shows, full of theatricality, controversy, originality.

“Funny Face” (1957)

The musical tells the story of a well-known photographer Dick Avery (Fred Astaire), who, during a photo shoot in a bookstore, is captivated by the beauty of a modest expeditor Jo (Hepburn). Dick decides to make the girl into a model and take her to Paris, but the girl herself has a different vision of her future – she wants to associate with science. She agrees to Dick’s proposal, because the trip to Paris gives her the opportunity to attend a lecture by Professor Flostre, whom Jo has an admiration for. “Funny Face” is a film that combines excellent acting performances, an engaging storyline and excellent entertainment.

“Lagerfeld Confidential” (2007)

It is difficult not to agree with the statement that the figure of Karl Lagerfeld has grown to the level of a symbol of the fashion world. The director of the film Rodolphe Marconi attempted to get close to the designer, accompanying him in his daily life. The footage was collected over a period of three years.

During the screening, viewers are invited into the very private sphere of Karl’s life, in which the designer talks about his childhood, his first steps in the fashion world, as well as his fascination with literature, painting, film and his love of art deco. There is also no shortage of excerpts showing the designer in a professional context – in the company of models and famous actors, and while designing.

“Phantom Thread” (2017)

Paul Anderson’s drama combines a finely tuned psychological study with superbly created characters. This is a film in which fashion becomes an equal protagonist, as evidenced, for example, by the Oscar statuette for Best Costume Design, awarded to Mark Bridges. The plot tells the story of Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis), a respected designer who successfully runs a fashion house in London with his sister.

Two things dominate the protagonist’s life: order and work. Reynolds’ predictable life, full of self-discipline and dedication to work, is shaken up with his emerging fascination for a young waitress, Alma (Vicky Krieps). The woman becomes a muse for the designer, at the same time she has to face his eccentric, cool nature.

main photo: J Leclercq

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