Can wigs replace natural hair?

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Wigs are becoming an increasingly popular everyday gadget. Once worn only in the theater and at fancy dress parties, fake hair has now become a regular occurrence. More and more women wear a wig to go shopping, to work or to a party to boost their confidence or to change their image. But can wigs replace natural hair? Find out!

Support during illness

Wigs are still primarily an opportunity for cancer patients and people suffering from autoimmune diseases to not lose confidence despite their difficult situation. It is known that hair greatly affects how attractive a woman feels, so a wig can act as a support and psychological support. However, children undergoing chemotherapy are in the most difficult situation. Classmates at school and in the yard can be cruel, ridiculing the child for having no hair and harassing them with uncomfortable questions. Fortunately, there are wigs for children available on the market, which will help both the child and you, as a parent, avoid these unpleasant and embarrassing situations

In this case, a wig can successfully become a substitute for natural hair. Very artificial looking, shiny plastic artificial hair is a thing of the past. Nowadays even synthetic wigs look very natural and it is difficult to distinguish them from the real hairstyle.

Quick hair style changes are possible

If you want to change your hair color without damaging your hair or if you want to see how you would look with a bob but you don’t want to cut your long grown hair, a wig is the perfect solution for you. A natural looking wig can give you the ability to change your hairstyle quickly without any unpleasant consequences for your hair. You can go from long, blonde hair to a black storm of curls in a minute, without the cost of coloring or getting a perm, and what’s even better is that this process is one hundred percent reversible and harmless. The key to success here is a wig that will resemble your natural hair as much as possible and blend into your hairline most naturally. Many professional wig stores offer the service of making and selecting a hundred percent personalized wig. Look for a store that meets all your expectations, even if it is at the other end of Poland.

How do you take care of your hair while wearing wigs?

The only thing that can harm your hair is wearing a wig every day for several hours. The cap, on which the artificial hair is placed, is made of plastic, which makes your scalp not breathable. If this happens every day for many hours, it may cause increased hair loss. In addition, for a long period of time wearing the wig, a sauna effect is created under the cap, because the heat, generated by the scalp has no way to escape. Therefore, when the wig is removed, the scales of your hair will be raised, which can make it more susceptible to damage. After removing your wig, you can wash your hair with cool water, make an apple cider vinegar rinse, or blow dry your hair with a cool blow dryer. This will close the hair’s cuticle back, making it less prone to damage and returning it to its healthy appearance

A wig can go a long way towards boosting your health, but it can also be used for fashion experimentation and finding your image. No matter what purpose you want to buy a wig for, look for a model that makes you feel like a million bucks!

Main Photo: Element5 Digital/Unsplash

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